Who Killed Robert Wone? Release date, trailer, and everything we know so far


In one more nail-gnawing spine chiller, Peacock brings the puzzling homicide instance of Robert Wone to its watchers, named “Who Killed Robert Wone?” The two-section narrative series will be delivered on Walk 7, 2023. Notwithstanding previous government investigator Glenn Kirschner and legitimate observer Bernie Grimm, the narrative incorporates entertainers Lucas Hyde, Matt Webb, Vircell Dayap, and Mike Corcoran.

The homicide of Robert Wone in 2006 was not simply astonishing; it was likewise discouraging. In the late long stretches of August 2, 2006, Wone, a legal counselor in Washington, D.C., was lethally wounded in the rowhouse of his school companion Joseph Cost. Likewise, it’s conceivable that he was s*xually attacked prior to being wounded. Starting around 2023, nobody has been blamed for homicide.


The Peacock docuseries set off on a mission to unscramble the free plot in the examination of the homicide and retail to pose the inquiry, Who Killed Robert Wone?

“Arresting Hint like homicide secret, agents and genuine wrongdoing detectives endeavor to disentangle the reality behind the chilling, confusing and more odd than-fiction passing of Robert Wone.”Who Killed Robert Wone?
32-year-old Robert Wone was lethally cut on August 2, 2006, in a rowhouse possessed by his companion Joseph Cost. The property was likewise involved by Victor Zaborsky, Value’s homegrown accomplice, and Dylan Ward, their colleague and reputed sweetheart. Zaborsky called the police the evening of the homicide and announced the case.

“Accepting the men realize more than they are uncovering, the examination before long uncovers a larger number of inquiries than responds to. Unbelievable exciting bends in the road surface, leaving companions addressing how well they knew the three men and police battling to make certain about replies. At last, investigators bring a surprising arrangement of charges against the three occupants – – yet not so much for homicide.”

The summary closures with a note on how the denounced, Zaborsky and Ward, kept up with their guiltlessness and battled to clear their names, yet those near Robert looked for reality and attempted to mend from unfathomable misfortune.

In the trailer for the impending narrative, we saw Glenn Kirschner, a prominent previous government examiner and as of now a NBC News/MSNBC live lawful expert, saying:

Kirschner was very much familiar with Wone’s case and filled in as the main examiner in the preliminary of the frightful homicide. The task required his experiences by then.

“Glenn attempted many cases in his thirty years as an examiner, including in excess of 50 homicide preliminaries, various extended RICO preliminaries and point of reference setting cases.His cases have been made into significant movies and television narratives, including the forthcoming arrival of a multi-part narrative to air on Peacock web-based feature, “Who killed Robert Wone?”
The narrative will include interviews with those nearest to the case and Robert’s loved ones.