Who was Amy St. Pierre? Officials identify CDC employee killed in Atlanta mass shooting


A 38-year-elderly person, named Amy St. Pierre died on Wednesday, May 3, 2023, after a shooter started shooting at Midtown Atlanta’s Northside Clinic. Specialists recognized the supposed shooter as 24-year-old Deion Patterson. The shooting killed Amy St. Pierre and basically harmed four others, who have since been distinguished as four ladies matured 25, 39, 56, and 71 years of age.

Grady Remembrance Emergency clinic authorities uncovered that the four casualties are right now being treated for shot injuries and that two of them needed to quickly go through a medical procedure. Amy St. Pierre was a representative at the Habitats for Infectious prevention and Counteraction, and CDC authorities affirmed a similar following her passing.


The mass shooting is the most recent in a progression of terrible instances of weapon viciousness across the US. The Atlanta City hall leader referenced that it was a “horrendous day” for the occupants living locally and for supporters visiting the region.

The departed casualty of the shooting, Amy St. Pierre, was functioning as a General Wellbeing Consultant for the CDC in Atlanta. A representative for the CDC, Benjamin N. Haynes, tended to Pierre’s demise and said that the CDC is “profoundly disheartened” by Amy’s passing in the Midtown Atlanta shooting.

Amy St. Pierre was additionally involved and driven a few gatherings connected with the counteraction of maternal passings. She co-created a diary article in January 2018 named, “Difficulties and Open doors in Distinguishing, Checking on, and Forestalling Maternal Passings.”

It was likewise uncovered that Patterson was a previous Coast Watchman. The Coast Gatekeeper communicated their most profound feelings toward the demise of Amy St. Pierre and the unfortunate state of different casualties.

Atlanta City hall leader Andre Dicken put out an announcement tending to the terrible shootings and said that it was a “horrendous demonstration” of weapon viciousness. The City chairman added that it was similarly as shocking to feel that the shooting wasn’t new in the country. He added that more move should be initiated to safeguard the residents’ lives as they go to the market, service station, a specialist’s office, and to school. He said that they ought to have the option to go to this large number of spots “without the danger of being gunned down.”

A terrible mass shooting occurred on Wednesday evening. After the shootout on Wednesday, Northside Clinical Midtown shut down for May 4, 2023.

As referenced before, the shooting left four individuals harmed and killed CDC representative Amy St. Pierre. Two casualties were scrambled for medical procedures and moved to the emergency unit further recuperation.

Specialists at the emergency clinic utilized interventional radiology to treat the third casualty by fixing her veins. She was owned up to the ICU also. The fourth casualty has been getting treatment at the Emergency room and is in a somewhat steady condition. At this point, the initial three casualties who have endure are at a basic stage.

It was uncovered that the suspect was at the clinic with his mom and as they sat in the sitting area, he appeared to get unsettled and started terminating. Following this, he left and went to a close by Shell station where he took a truck and headed to Cobb Region.

Specialists needed to spend right around eight hours before they tracked down Deion Patterson. He was found inside a gated complex in Cobb District, around 20 miles from where the shooting started. An occupant named Debra Sansavieri called a cop after she thought that Patterson was concealing in the complex.

She said Patterson began running and a cop trained the shooter to “Get on the grass.” Debra added that unexpectedly, almost 30 squad cars came to the complicated and the shooter was captured.

Cobb Area Police Boss Stuart Vanhoozer talked about the episode that killed Amy St. Pierre and harmed four others. The police boss said that they focused on the bring over the radio and that it was a covert official who initially saw and defied the shooter. He added that once the secret official got back-up from formally dressed officials, they had the option to arrest Patterson “without occurrence.”

As per prison records at the Fulton Province Prison, Patterson has been accused of four counts of irritated attack and one count of homicide. Policing expressed that cops from a few wards needed to go through hours finding Patterson, and all the while, various significant streets were closed down too.