Who Was Annie Hester From Gresham Oregon? Daughter Alice Age And Husband Now


Anastasia Hester, a Gresham, Oregon inhabitant, was attacked at her home. On July 10, 2016, at around 3 a.m., Anastasia “Annie” Hester dialed 911 in a frenzy.

Annie died of her wounds while being shipped to a nearby medical clinic. The 36-year-old was a single parent really focusing on her 4-year-old little girl, Alice, at that point. The narrative ‘Dateline: The Undoing’ from NBC News reveals insight into the people liable for Annie’s passing.


Angela Hester, Annie’s ex Matthew’s better half, was eventually secured by the specialists.

Thus, assuming you’re interested about what befallen Alice after her mom died, this is the very thing we know.

Dateline: Who Was Annie Hester From Gresham Oregon? Age Revealed Annie Hester who was born Anastasia Hester was from Gresham Oregon. At the hour of her demise, Annie was at 36 years old years old.

Annie and her significant other Matthew wedded in July 2008 and invited Alice in November 2011. The marriage, in any case, before long self-destructed after Matthew took part in an extramarital entanglements only weeks after Alice was born.

It was expressed that the pair attempted an open marriage, yet as per a companion, Ann found that Matt had undermined her somewhere around once, breaking the limits they had laid out, and she started discussing divorce.

Annie Hester Daughter Alice And Husband Now Matthew Hester, Annie Hester’s life partner, is an indicted specialist who is as of now doing time in prison. Alice, who was just around 4-years of age at the hour of Annie’s passing and Matthew’s cooperation for the situation, was left without her folks.

Also, Alice has been really focused on by Annie’s mom, Elizabeth Holmes, since Matthew’s imprisonment. She’d be very nearly a decade old now, and her maternal side of the family has shrewdly kept her out of the spotlight. Pocatello, Idaho is where Alice was most recently seen.

Annie Hester: Where Is Her Killer Angela McCraw Hester Now? Matthew lived with a flat mate subsequent to moving out all alone to assist with paying the lease. Angela McCraw, a mother of three who later wedded him in 2014, was his flat mate.

Besides, Angela McCraw-Hester, Annie’s stabber and Hester’s subsequent spouse, was condemned to life in jail with the opportunity of delivery following 25 years. She had conceded to the late Annie’s second-degree murder allegation. Accordingly, she is as of now working behind the bar.