Who was ‘Celestia’? Anne Heche’s alter ego was the daughter of God and half-sister of Jesus Christ

Los Angeles’ Mar Vista Recently, Anne Heche has stood out as truly newsworthy because of the horrendous vehicle mishap that caused her mind passing. The entertainer from “The Last Word” has previously made news while examining her adjust inner self, Celestia. The entertainer trusted it to be a resurrection of god and Jesus’ relative.

She examined her Outerspace modify inner self, Celestia, in her 2001 life account, “Call Me Crazy.” I was called Celestia, the rebirth of God, she writes in her book. Heche said, “In my creative mind, I became Jesus,” in her book while depicting how she changed into Jesus.


Heche said she came from the “final aspect,” and the entertainer evidently thought she was getting directions from God on the best way to further develop life on Earth.


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Heche professed to have an extraordinary language she uses to address god through Celestia. She expressed, “I had a dreamland that I could disappear to,” in a meeting with ABC News. My subsequent character is called Celestia.

I assumed I was from that planet, she said. I assumed I was from an other world. I accept I was insane. The entertainer added that it filled in as a source for her to fail to remember her dad, Donald Hecheabuse ,’s of her. He disregarded me… He put me down on the ground, stroked me, and participated in sexual action with me, Heche said, adding that the maltreatment just exists “in my memory.”

Heche added, “I accept that since misuse is simply a memory, it is never simple for kids to discuss it. I didn’t convey a recording device with me. Nothing was etched into stone by me. Everybody can take a look and inquire, “Indeed, how would you know without a doubt?” One of the most upsetting perspectives about it is that. No, you don’t.

She additionally rhymed, “Gracious, Quiness, Nakka ridge notta,” in a meeting, as per an EW, part of the rhymes she used to speak with the god about the Power of Healing. I’m all daska notra. Please accept my apologies. I can’t achieve this. Presently it alarms me to an extreme.


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Anne Heche (@anneheche)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

She said, “All that we feel or accept will as of now have been engraved into our minds as we’re emerging from the [birth] channel,” on the Mysteries of the Female Anatomy. She remarked, “God is love. On God, Love, War, Pain, Ego, and afterward back to God. The world is love. Torment doesn’t exist except if we agree to it. The horrible self image battle that is war. Id should die. We are heavenly. She rhymed, “You are Peace and Calm, my escorts sent from paradise,” on that tune.

The entertainer allegedly told the Daily Mail, “My dad was acting in manners that are believed to be side effects of schizophrenia, for example, making huge [business] bargains and having pretentious dreams.

Which I likewise experienced, along these lines I am mindful that there are numerous similitudes between my dad’s frenzy and mine. To persuade her companions that she was normal, she additionally uncovered her concerns. “I knew about my mental stability. Notwithstanding, I expected to see a therapist and a specialist to promise my companions that I was rational.