Who Was Christy Shelton? 2008 Case Being Re-examined In Limestone County


In the midst of the quest for a prisoner Casey White and previous Assistant Director of Corrections, Vicky White, a 14-year-old case has been re-opened. It seems to be the passing of Christy Shelton is associated with Casey.

In 2008, a lady was tracked down shot in the chest by a cut off firearm. Later “a base examination,” the police managed it a self destruction. Yet, the case is being re-opened and further examination will happen.


Who Was Christy Shelton? Did She Date Casey White? Christy Shelton was dating the convict, Casey White at the hour of her passing.

In 2008, the lady experienced a shot injury to her chest from a cut off weapon. Her family had a hypothesis of treachery however the police affirmed it to be a self destruction and the case was dropped right then.

Yet, the casualty’s family didn’t surrender. They never trusted the story. As Christy was dating Casey White right now, they feel that the last option had something to do with her passing.

Christy Shelton Age And Family: How Did She Die? Christy Shelton died in 2008, purportedly in her late 20s.

Under dubious conditions, Christy’s demise was known as a self destruction. In any case, the story had holes and policing didn’t give a valiant effort to draw out reality, according to her loved ones.

Yet again her family has pulled together as her case has been re-opened. Further examination is happening as her case straightforwardly interfaces with Casey White.

We trust that the family tracks down equity straightaway.

Casey And Vicky White Disappearance: Are They Found? Continuous Prison Break went down in Limestone County, Alabama last week after a detainee took off with a rectification official.

Specialists have thought that Casey and Vicky White have been occupied with a close connection for over 2 years. The quest for them has now proceeded to the seventh day.

There are a few reports of their sightings in different states however none are convincing.