Who Was Clidy Suárez? Wikipedia Bio Edad & Death Cause Of The Journalist

Find Wikipedia subtleties of Clidy Suárez, one of Cordoba radio’s most notable female voices. She facilitated two of the region’s most renowned celebrations, Jess Mara and Cosquin.

Nora Bedano, the top of the Córdoba Cultura Agency, told Cadena 3 that she was a woman who “opened entryways.”


Writer: Clidy Suárez Wikipedia Bio Clidy Suárez doesn’t have a Wikipedia profile to her name. She started her expert profession in the Córdoba media in the wake of being born in Rosario.

She has additionally gotten Martin Fierro prizes. “I used to guarantee I was from Cordoba by reception; presently I pronounce I am from Cordoba,” she remarked in a meeting with Cadena 3 writer Marcos Calligaris.

She was likewise a dance educator who worked in Spanish moves. She was the principal picture to arise on Córdoba TV with Betty Román. She spent north of 40 years at Canal 12 and later at LV3.

Clidy Suárez Edad Clidy Suárez, a broadcaster and entertainer, died on Wednesday at 84. Suárez was born on June 3, 1938, in Caada de Gómez.

She won a contest to join the Comedia Cordobesa in 1961. On LV2 and LV3, he radioed show (today, Cadena 3).

Her partners underscore the significance of her calling by bringing up that she was the authority commentator for the Cosqun Festival for a long time and Jess Mara for a long time.

What Is Clidy Suárez Death Cause?Clidy Suárez, an entertainer, moderator, columnist, and media character in Córdoba’s set of experiences, died as of now, as per people near her.

Suárez was 84 years of age when she was hospitalized in the Italian Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit in 2020 following a decompensation. She combat pancreatitis for quite some time.

Suarez was a crucial person in Córdoba’s media history, facilitating different TV shows and meeting ages of performers.