Who was Cooper “Harris” Andrews? Former US marine killed in Ukraine while evacuating civilians


Cooper “Harris” Andrews, a Marine veteran, was killed while battling close to Ukraine’s Bakhmut last week. His mom, Willow Andrews, and his partners affirmed something very similar. Andrews likewise uncovered that her child was killed after he was hit by a mortar. As indicated by CNN, it is accepted that Cooper was killed on Wednesday, April 19, 2023.

It is important that the US Branch of State likewise affirmed the passing of a US resident in Ukraine. In any case, they didn’t uncover the individual’s personality. Specialists likewise reached out to Cooper “Harris” Andrews’ family and said that they are not giving out extra data to safeguard the family’s protection.


Cooper turned into the 10th US resident to be killed since the conflict started in February 2022. His body has not been recuperated as of Monday, because of outrageous anxiety and battling nearby. Cooper “Harris” Andrews allegedly left Cleveland in November and joined the Worldwide Army of Ukraine.

The 26-year-old Marine veteran was purportedly killed after a mortar shell hit him in Bakhmut, Ukraine.

As per his partners and family, Cooper “Harris” Andrews was attempting to help regular people nearby to get away from the horrendous battles. He apparently worked for an “hostile to tyrant aggregate” called the Obstruction Board of trustees. As of Monday, specialists couldn’t recuperate his body because of the fretful circumstance nearby.

Bakhmut is otherwise called a “meat processor.” It has seen probably the most grisly fights between Moscow’s powers and Ukrainian safeguards throughout a long while. Despite the fact that Cooper “Harris” Andrews’ agreement with the association lapsed in Spring, Willow uncovered that her child needed to chip in nearby, and remained back.

Somewhere in the range of 2017 and 2022, Andrews filled in as a ground gadgets transmission framework maintainer in the Marine Corps. Jake Hanrahan, a free columnist, had depicted the 26-year-old marine veteran as “a decent man and a thoughtful soul.” Cooper once posted a selfie that was inscribed:

Following the declaration of the Marine veteran’s passing, a representative for the US Branch of State said something. The representative said that they are in contact with Cooper’s family and are giving their all to give them “consular help.” They added that keeping in mind the family’s protection, there weren’t an excessive number of subtleties the division could share.

Cooper “Harris” Andrews won a few military honors, including the Marine Corps Appropriate conduct Decoration, Public Safeguard Administration Decoration, and the Worldwide Conflict on Illegal intimidation Administration Award.

A previous Marine sergeant named Zack Deck depicted Andrews as a “extraordinary marine and a decent man.” Andrews was somebody who generally “kept individuals honest.” Deck added that Cooper was a silly however energetic and committed individual who cherished aiding everybody except particularly individuals who he believed were persecuted.

Deck noticed that Cooper is the one he misses the most as the last option improved his life and he can hardly stand by to “ideally see him again one day.”

No extra insights about the grievous episode have been uncovered by the specialists at this point.

In any case, as referenced prior, this isn’t the principal passing of American military veterans being killed in Ukraine. Grady Kurpasi, 50, and Edward Wilton, 22, were killed in Ukraine’s fights only half a month prior to the fresh insight about Andrews’ demise stopped by.