Who Was Cyrenius Menard From Saint Joseph & What Happened To Him? CY Menard Death From Car Accident on Route 17


Cyrenius Menard’s loved ones, alongside Saint Joseph, are grieving his demise, which is supposed to be brought about by an auto collision. The disheartening insight about the departed has left everybody broke.

The disastrous fresh insight about the competitor was known through the web-based entertainment stage. Additionally, the conditions causing the awful second are as yet unclear.


Who Was Cyrenius Menard From Saint Joseph? Cyrenius ‘CY’ Menard was a secondary school graduate of Saint Joseph. As per his Twitter account, he was a cautious tackle at Sacred Heart University.

In any case, sadly, the competitor is accounted for to have died in an auto crash. Nonetheless, the reason for death isn’t revealed at this point.

After Saint Joseph Regional High School made a post a couple of hours prior, the news came to feature. As indicated by it, he spent away today. Notwithstanding, they additionally depicted that he generally had an uplifting outlook. His grin used to illuminated the room.

His school has sent supplications to his family and his brother Kesnel ’08. These two may be playing close by in the games.

What has been going on with Cyrenius Menard? Holy person Joseph Regional most recent post with respect to Cyrenius Menard had got everybody brought up the issue, what has befallen Cyrenius Menard.

Individuals got to be familiar with the lamentable and unsure passing of the competitor through the post of his secondary school on Facebook.

Everybody was stunned to know the mishappening to the football player. He was all set in Sacred Heart Football, as indicated by a tweet. Also, everybody has left in shock at the passing at such an early age. Individuals following him via virtual entertainment were anticipating his interactivity in the bigger picture.

Cyrenius Menard’s Death From A Car Accident on Route 17 Cyrenius Menard, 21, died in an auto collision as the word spread on the web after a post on Facebook.

In any case, the genuine reason for death is yet to be uncovered as there is no news covered at this point. The previous competitor’s loved ones are devastated and have not posted a lot in regards to the occurrence by the same token.

In any case, the anticipated future super genius is no more among us. Right off the bat there were not many posts from his group and school and his supporters.

Nonetheless, web-based entertainment is presently amassing up, as his well-wishers are additionally sending supplications to his loved ones. Along these lines, his eulogy isn’t accessible at this point.