Who Was Daniel Enriquez From Q Train Subway Shooting? Fatal Shooting But The Gunman Is Still Not Identified


Daniel Enriquez was a traveler boarding the Q Train framework on Sunday, May 22, 2022. The metro framework was in the Lower Manhattan region when a shooter discharged shots at it and the assault brought about Daniel’s miserable demise. As per the underlying police report, the assault was unwarranted and the shooter shot Daniel through the chest. After the assault, the suspect ran away from the area and scattered through the group in the city.

Among the travelers who were available on the Q Train that Sunday, there was Dmitry Glivinskiy. Glivinskiy is a vocal mentor who was hearing to some music with earphones on when he out of nowhere heard some kind of a firework going off. He raised his head to seeing a shooter remaining before the vehicle and the wide range of various travelers jumping behind the secondary lounges.


In this thundering, Dmitry called the police however the shooter escaped the train as it arrived at Canal Street.

Who Was Daniel Enriquez From Manhattan? Daniel Enriquez was a 48 years of age Q Train traveler from the Manhattan district who lost his life during the Sunday shooting. Daniel was boarding the train to some objective when a shooter showed up on the scene and went after him, with a shot penetrating through his chest and killing him.

One more traveler Dmitry called the police about the shooting while different travelers leaped behind the vehicle in full tumult. The character of the shooting suspect has not yet been known and the examination is pressing onward, with not many leads.

At the point when a call to 911 was made and the answering cops showed up at the scene, the shooter had previously escaped the train as it crossed through Canal Street.

Kenneth Corey, Chief of Department later tended to the shooting episode and expressed that Daniel was situated on his seat and the suspect was moving volatile on a similar train. Eventually in time, the suspect purportedly took out a weapon and shot Daniel from an exceptionally short proximity and making a strained state in the train.

Subtleties On Q Train Subway Shooting Q Train metro shooting of Sunday, May 22, 2022, had one loss and horrendous turmoil when a shooter shot Daniel through the chest and afterward ran away from the area.

The Lower Manhattan occurrence stunned the whole country and addressed basically on the security of the NY district train framework. This case happened only a month after the N train shooting episode which brought about 23 wounds. Essentially, another lady lost her life after she was pushed into the pacing train tracks in Times Square Station in January.

Result of Q Train Subway Shooting Incident-Has The Suspect Been Arrested Yet? The area of New York City are genuinely stunned despite everything handling the lamentable Q Train shooting occurrence. The suspect’s personality is yet to be known and a careful hunt is being held to catch him soon.

The suspect purportedly run away from the area at Canal road and his assault was ridiculous.