Who was Delbert Shafer? Law enforcement officer murdered by son David Shafer


Delbert Shafer become found unresponsive in his home with the aid of his son David on January 14, 2018
He became a regulation enforcement officer in Leetonia, Ohio
An post-mortem report found that he died of blunt pressure accidents to his head, trunk, and extremities

When Delbert Shafer, a Leetonia regulation enforcement officer, became observed unresponsive at his Ohio domestic in January 2018, authorities believed he died of herbal reasons. Later, a detailed autopsy document revealed unexplained injuries to his head regular with blunt-force trauma. David Shafer, the son residing with Shafer on the time and the primary to find out him unresponsive, changed into the handiest suspect within the case. Shafer’s dying became declared a murder after the post-mortem record.


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Who was Delbert Shafer? Delbert Shafer was found unresponsive in his domestic by means of his son David on January 14, 2018. He was a law enforcement officer in Leetonia, Ohio. Shafer became declared useless at the scene, and his death to start with appeared to be of herbal reasons. Three days later, an post-mortem report found that he died of blunt pressure injuries Taylor Swift skipping Brisbane The Eras live performance: How to get price ticket refund?

His son David claimed that he called his nurse buddy after locating his father unresponsive. The nurse allegedly got here over and checked him with a stethoscope, which led him to agree with that Delbert became excellent. David instructed government that he couldn’t keep in mind the nurse’s name.

David was reportedly out on parole in Pennsylvania. Previously, he become convicted after being charged with numerous burglaries, attempted burglary, receiving stolen belongings, and theft-associated fees.

After research, government determined that Shafer become attacked by way of his son David, who then wiped clean the crime scene and let him die of deadly injuries in place of calling for clinical assist.

Eventually, David pleaded responsible to voluntary manslaughter, having guns below incapacity, and tampering with evidence in January 2021. He changed into sentenced to 14 years in prison.