Who was Heather Armstrong married to? All about her husband and kids as mommy blogger dies aged 47

Notable blogger Heather Armstrong as of late died on May 9, 2023, at 47 years old. While addressing The Related Press, Heather’s sweetheart, Pete Ashdown, uncovered that she ended it all following a backslide, despite the fact that she was clearheaded throughout the previous year and a half. The news was likewise affirmed on her Instagram page with an image. The subtitle expressed:

“Heather Brooke Hamilton also known as Heather B. Armstrong also known as dooce otherwise known as affection for my life. July 19, 1975 – May 9, 2023. ‘It takes a sea not to break.’ Hold your friends and family close and love every other person.”


Heather Armstrong earned respect for her blog Dooce, which collected great many perusers after its send off in 2001. Notwithstanding, the readership was impacted when the fame of web-based entertainment expanded in 2010.

The blogger was hitched to Jon Armstrong, with whom she had two children.

Heather Armstrong sealed the deal with Jon Armstrong, a website specialist, in 2002, and they invited their most memorable kid, Leta Elise, after two years. Their subsequent youngster, Marlo Iris, was born in 2009.

Heather and Jon uncovered that they were getting isolated in 2012, and their separation was finished in 2013. The detachment additionally rankled her fans, and things began to influence her intellectually, ultimately prompting gloom. In 2017, she went to the College of Utah’s Neuropsychiatric Organization for a clinical preliminary.

The blogger partook in 10 meetings where she was placed in a synthetically prompted unconsciousness for 15 minutes. While addressing Vox in 2019, she reviewed the whole experience and said:

“I was feeling like life was not intended to be lived. At the point when you are that frantic, you will take a stab at anything. I thought my children had the right to have a cheerful, solid mother, and I had to realize that I had attempted all choices to be that for them.”
Heather was doing combating melancholy since she was an understudy. She later expounded on her battle with sadness in a book named The Valedictorian of Being Dead.

Heather Armstrong began her vocation in various new businesses as a web engineer. Nonetheless, she lost her employment when it was found that she composed parodies about her work insight on Dooce.

She amassed around 8.5 million perusers on her blog and was acquiring $40,000 each month from pennant promotions. Heather was a beneficiary of various honors and selections. In spite of the fact that her blog was impacted because of the prevalence of web-based entertainment, she stayed dynamic on Instagram.

Following her detachment from Jon Armstrong, she began to share about emotional wellness issues. Heather and Jon likewise worked a website architecture, publicizing, and content-age business called Armstrong Media, LLC.

Heather Armstrong then marked an arrangement with Kensington Books in 2006 and distributed a book named Things I Found out About My Father: In Treatment in 2008. This was trailed by the book It S*cked and afterward I Cried: How I Had a Child, a Breakdown, and a Truly necessary Margarita in 2009.