Who was Jaylee Chillson Stacie? 14-year-old shoots herself at party after years of bullying

Jaylee Chillson, 14, shot herself on September 16 following quite a while of harassing
Her crushed mother Stacie hammered her victimizers in a Facebook post
She got down on offenders for claiming to be miserable over the misfortune they caused

The lamenting mother of a 14-year-old student who unfortunately ended her own life while in her dad’s hug has reprimanded those liable for her girl’s misery. Stacie, the mother of Jaylee Chillson, communicated her significant disappointment at the harassers who prohibited her little girl from sports groups, exposed her to harmful insults, and purposely disregarded her.


Who was Jaylee Chillson Stacie?

Jaylee died on September 16 when she is accepted to have taken off from home to go to a party in Aurora, Kansas.

After her folks called police to accompany her home, the 14-year-old took out a firearm and fired herself before ‘various partygoers.’

Jaylee’s choice to shoot herself came following quite a while of maltreatment from her companions, Stacie composed, as she guaranteed that even the domineering jerks’ folks heaped on as the maltreatment raised.

In an emphatic Facebook post, Stacie censured the people who tortured her kid, stating that some of them were faking bitterness over the lamentable episode, in spite of having persistently designated Jaylee for quite a long time. She stated, “I’m loaded up with outrage toward the people who caused my youngster torment. I’m enraged by those I know were liable for her anguish and are presently imagining as though they played no part in her profound misery.”

After the terrible occurrence, Jaylee’s crushed dad, Jeb Chillson, described how he found his little girl at the party and embraced her as she died. Stacie uncovered that she had perused various frightful messages from Jaylee’s purported ‘companions’ who had treated her appallingly. She additionally saw Jaylee being prohibited from young ladies’ games groups and noticed grown-ups at the school over and over neglecting to help her.

Stacie further noticed how previous dear companions of Jaylee totally dismissed her presence when she strolled by them, and how a few guardians, who had recently commended her little girl and considered her remarkable, went to utilizing disparaging language and talking adversely about her to their own kids.

Stacie accentuated that main her family and Jaylee’s specialist genuinely comprehended the significant difficulties her little girl had looked during the previous year. She made a sincere supplication that the people who knew they had added to the issue cease from utilizing her little girl’s name, stating that they don’t have the right to do as such.