Who was Joe The Plumber AKA Joe Wurzelbacher?

Joe The Handyman died at 49 years old from pancreatic malignant growth
His genuine name was Joe Wurzelbacher
His distinguishing strength was going up against Barack Obama in during the 2008 official political decision

Joe The Handyman, whose genuine name was Joe Wurzelbacher, died at 49 years old from pancreatic malignant growth.


Wurzelbacher’s distinguishing strength was during the 2008 official mission after he faced previous President Barack Obama about whether his duty plan would wind up setting him back more. He was determined to have pancreatic disease recently.

The insight about Wurzelbacher’s demise was partaken in a post on X, previously known as Twitter by moderate radio personality Derek Tracker on Sunday evening. “Terrible news. My old buddy Joe Wurzelbacher, also known as Joe the Handyman, spent away toward the beginning of today at 49 years old from pancreatic malignant growth,” Tracker composed. “He was a decent man and an extraordinary companion. If it’s not too much trouble, think about aiding his widow and small kids here.” He connected a connection to the raising support stage GiveSendGo where the departed’s family had opened a pledge drive.

Who was Joe The Handyman?

Joe Wurzelbacher was a tactical veteran who turned into a handyman in Toledo, Ohio. It is additionally where he stood up to Obama. He turned into a commonly recognized name after he was much of the time referenced during the discussions among Obama and late Conservative Arizona Sen. John McCain at that point.

As per his GiveSendGo page, he had been getting clinical treatment a the Ann Arbor Virginia Clinic in Michigan too at the College of Michigan Emergency clinic.

“Joe had been having stomach issues for around 90 days, which in the end became difficult. On December 26th, he’d had enough of the aggravation and we went to the VA trauma center in Ann Arbor,” Wurzelbacher’s better half, Katie wrote in his gathering pledges crusade. “They ran tests and performed filters which showed a mass in the top of his pancreas. The mass was limiting one of his biliary pipes, so they arranged it as Stage 3 disease.”

Wurzelbacher is endure his significant other, Katie whom he wedded in 2011, and their three kids.