Who Was Kansas Drowning Victim Kilar Gillispie and What Happened To Her?


Kilar Gillispie’s eulogy notice is as of now coursing on the web. The authority notice was posted on the web.

Kilar Gillispie was a 15-year-old young lady who died of suffocating at her home pool. Her news was all over Twitter after her family reported that her organs would be given that would change a few lives.


Tribute: Who Was Kilar Gillispie? Kilar Gillispie’s tribute notice circled on the web. On June 22, 2006, she was born in Newton, Kansas, to Joshua and Cree (Titus) Gillispie.

She was a frank individual, wanted to make recordings, and was the sovereign of TikTok. Her grin was infectious, and she was an extraordinary individual on the all around.

She succeeded in an assortment of sports, however her most loved was soccer. She had two more established sisters. Be that as it may, she bid farewell to the world early in life of 15 as she died from coincidental suffocating in the pool at her home.

Around 9:30 p.m., she was swimming alone in the pool at her home in the 10,000 block of East First Street when other relatives thought that she is lethargic. They called 911 and did mouth to mouth on her prior to taking her to Wichita emergency clinic.

Tragically, they couldn’t save her, yet even after her demise, she saved many individuals. Her family had said that her organs would be given to 50 beneficiaries.

Kansas Drowning Victim Kilar Gillispie Death Kilar Gillispie, the Kansas Drowning casualty, altogether affected individuals’ lives even after her demise. Following her death, her organs were given to 50 beneficiaries.

Her family had likewise set up a GoFundMe around then, and they had the option to reach $45,660, while the objective was just $15000. Many individuals showed their help to the family who lost their young little girl.

Many individuals communicated their trouble and sent supplications to the family too. She will be for all time recollected in the hearts of many.

How Old Was Kilar Gillispie? Kilar Gillispie was 15 years of age when she died on June 15, 2021. Her sixteenth birthday celebration was only half a month away when she died from unplanned suffocating while at the same time swimming.