Who Was Kya Davey? Husband Daniel Davey and Family Look For Answers


Kya Davey, a mother of two, died at 33 years old from an aortic break because of the carelessness of Shellharbour medical clinic.

Her family was astonished to hear that clinical reports illustrating what turned out badly didn’t actually exist until 14 weeks after they had documented an authority grievance with the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District.


The most implicating five pages were in any event, missing when they in the end obtained them, as per Kya’s better half.

Who Was Kya Davey? What has been going on with Her? Kya Davey was a mother of two who died at 33 years old because of a clinic’s carelessness. A couple of years earlier, she had gotten a determination of Marfan Syndrome, an interesting multi-foundational hereditary sickness that debilitates the connective tissue.

An irritated back constrained Kya to roll over to Shellharbour Hospital, the closest medical clinic from her family’s home. The family expressed that in the span of two hours of their appearance, clinical staff found a hazardous crisis – a tear in her aorta.

Shellharbour Hospital neglected to illuminate them that she could get care at Wollongong Hospital, which was just somewhat more than 20 minutes away.

After the underlying screening, Kya and her family were continued sitting tight for nine hours, during which time her organ began to gradually close down.

The youthful mother of two went through a roughly eleven-hour medical procedure, and a couple of hours after the fact she died.

After fourteen days, the clinical experts who treated Kya Davey conceded that she required crisis medical procedure at an alternate clinic.

Knowledge On Kya Davey Husband Daniel Davey And Her Family Following an over ten-year relationship, Kya Davey wedded her significant other Daniel Davey under a year prior in 2021. They had two children, Caleb, 6, and Jackson, 8, and were an affectionate family.

The deficiency of their mom was challenging for her two young men to process. To assist manage her nonattendance, the family introduced the young men with two teddy bears and a note that they said was composed by their mom.

They grasp their teddy bears consistently prior to hitting the hay, as indicated by Kya’s significant other, who guaranteed that it’s the main association they right now have to their mom.

Despite the fact that there is no sureness Kya would have made due, her family demands she had a shot and says an overburdened medical services framework denied her of it.