Who Was Landon Eastep? Nashville Shooting As Multiple Officers Shot The Same Man, What Exactly Happened?


Netizens reprimand the experts for their activities as they accept that Landon Estep didn’t have the right to die since he was holding a container shaper.

Individuals contend that it is suspicious that nine cops couldn’t keep down one man with a container shaper and needed to shoot him absurdly. A GoFundMe page has been set up for the casualty’s better half.


Who Was Landon Eastep? Landon Eastep has been recognized as the casualty who was shot and killed in an official included shooting. He was hitched and had a spouse.

As per Metro Police Spokesman Don Aaron, he was perched wavering at exit 78. He was spotted by a Tennessee Highway Patrol official who needed to help him. The trooper endeavored to speak with Eastep. In any case, he pushed him away.

The trooper accepted the issue would be fine until Eastep showed the crate shaper, raising the circumstance. In the mean time, a passing Mt. Juliet off the clock official saw what was happening and came to help.

The trooper and off the clock police endeavored to de-heighten the circumstance for 30 minutes, says Don Aaron. Yet, Eastep had a case shaper in his left hand, and his right hand was in his pocket.

The representative expressed Landon coaxed his right hand out of his pocket and had a sparkling silver thing in his grasp. He added that it was an ‘sudden’ development and that police authorization had no clue about what he was doing.

The police representative clarified, “[He] was somewhat pointing something at them, and that was when Aaron claims nine cops started shooting at Eastep.

Land Eastep Killed In Nashville Shooting Land Eastep was pitilessly killed in Nashville shooting by the cops. An onlooker caught a video of the episode. The video is shared on Twitter by news site WSMV.

The man should be visible standing still in the roadway’s right path while just about twelve Tennessee Highway Patrolmen and Nashville Police officials watch onholding their weapons.

The street is totally obstructed on the two sides. The recording stops when Eastep lifts his arms towards the police. A few discharges can then be heard.

The metro police have informed the public that they will deliver the body camera film right away. The examination in the episode is continuing including the officials.

I-65 Incident Involving Land Eastep-What Exactly Happened? Land Eastep was killed in an I-65 shooting episode. In view of the assertion of Don Aaron, he was holding a case shaper in one hand and an alleged dubious item in a right pocket.

When he took out the item from his right pocket, officials took shots at him in guard, not knowing what the gleaming silver thing it was that he drew out. He was taken to the clinic yet articulated dead.