Who was Leonard Cure, man shot dead by Georgia police?

A man who burned through 16 years in jail for an improper conviction was shot to death by Georgia police
Leonard Fix was pulled over in his pickup truck by a sheriff’s representative Monday morning
Police dashboard and body cam film delivered Wednesday got all of the viciousness that prompted Fix’s demise

Leonard Fix, a man who had persevered through 16 years of unfair detainment, lost his life in a showdown with the police. This troubling occasion was caught on police dashboard and body cameras, revealing insight into the appalling succession of occasions.

The experience started when a sheriff’s delegate pulled over Fix’s pickup truck subsequent to timing him driving at speeds surpassing 100 miles each hour in a 70 MPH zone along Highway 95 in Camden Region, GA. The police film uncovers each crucial point in time that finished in Fix’s passing.

At first, the agent educated Fix to leave his vehicle and put his hands on the rear of the truck. Nonetheless, Fix, in a condition of dissent, pulled his arm away as the representative made an endeavor to catch him. In this manner, the agent drew his TASER and emphasized his interest for Fix to put his hands on the truck. This time, Fix went along, just to be approached to move his hands behind his back. As pressure raised, Fix scrutinized the justification for his traffic stop.

The debate immediately heightened, finishing in the appointee sending the TASER on Fix. Following the electroshock, Fix surged toward the representative with thrashing arms, prompting a deadly shooting.

The Georgia Agency of Examination expressed that Fix had attacked the representative and neglected to follow orders. Notwithstanding, lawyer Ben Crump, who addresses the Fix family, contended that the representative’s reaction was excessively forceful and that better de-acceleration strategies ought to have been utilized.

Who was Leonard Fix?

Leonard Fix had recently been improperly sentenced in 2004 for outfitted burglary and attack in a Walgreens store in Dania Ocean side, Florida. Regardless of having an explanation and an absence of physical proof binds him to the violations, Fix was seen as liable. On account of the devoted endeavors of the Honesty Undertaking, he was at last absolved, and he recovered his opportunity in 2020.

This occurrence fills in as an obvious sign of the intricacies and difficulties encompassing policing and the requirement for de-heightening methods to forestall such sad results.

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