Who was Milton Resendez? Texas officer fatally shot while chasing high speed behavior suspects

Lieutenant Milton Resendez, a committed official, has unfortunately lost his life while serving the local area
He served for something like 30 years, showing a profound obligation to somewhere safe and a remarkable capacity to interface with individuals
The quest for two escaping suspects turned lethal, featuring the everyday dangers looked by police officers

Milton Resendez, a committed cop with the San Benito Police Division, lost his life in the line of obligation.


Resendez, an eminent individual from the San Benito Police Office, was unfortunately killed while playing out his obligations as a cop. Resendez’s story is help out, devotion, and extreme penance for the local area he served.

Who was Milton Resendez?

Resendez, otherwise called Lieutenant Milton Resendez, had a recognized policing enduring almost 30 years. During this time, he showed areas of strength for a to guaranteeing his kindred inhabitants’ security and prosperity. The San Benito Police Division’s Boss Mario Perea depicted Resendez as somebody who truly thought often about everybody and could coexist with people from varying backgrounds.

The deadly occurrence that took Lieutenant Resendez’s life happened after a strained quest for two individuals who had escaped a standard traffic stop. These suspects partook in a progression of fast way of behaving, including vehicle trades and hustling across various networks close to the US-Mexico line. Sadly, the pursuit finished with Resendez being struck by a projectile in the midsection that entered his watch vehicle’s entryway.

The exact conditions of the shooting, for example, who discharged the lethal shot and the number of shots that were shot, were not promptly known. Preceding shooting Resendez, the suspects participated in a firearm battle with other policing, who escaped safe.

The two suspects in this frightening occurrence were distinguished as 18-year-old Rogelio Martinez Jr. of Brownsville and 23-year-old Rodrigo Axel Espinosa Valdez of Mexico. As per Cameron Province Head prosecutor Luis Saenz, the two people currently face a large number of violations, including capital homicide, bothered attack with a deadly weapon, and escaping capture.

Lead representative Greg Abbott communicated the aggregate sadness of the state, expressing that “hearts across Texas lament with the family and friends and family” of Lieutenant Milton Resendez. The Texas Officers are leading an examination concerning this appalling episode, looking to reveal insight into the conditions encompassing this misfortune.