Who was Mohammad Abu Hasira? Palestinian journalist killed near Gaza City

A Palestinian writer recognized as Mohammad Abu Hasir was killed in an Israeli air attack on Gaza City
He was killed with his 42 relatives
At this point, 37 writers have been killed in the continuous clash

Mohammad Abu Hasira, a Palestinian journalist, and 42 of his relatives were killed in an Israeli air attack on Gaza City, as per the Wafa news organization.


As per the Board of trustees to Safeguard Columnists (CPJ), this previous month was the deadliest for writers since records have been kept, with somewhere around 37 writers losing their lives since the contention started.

Who was Mohammad Abu Hasira?

Mohammad Abu Hasira was a Palestine columnist. He was killed alongside 42 individuals from his loved ones.

At this point, 37 writers have been killed in the continuous clash, which incorporates 32 Palestinians, 4 Israelis, and 1 Lebanese among the columnists who died. The Advisory group to Safeguard Columnists (CPJ) declared that it is as of now investigating whether every one of them was covering the battling when they died.

The CPJ has been monitoring the passings of writers beginning around 1992.

Israel advised Reuters and AFP, two unfamiliar news organizations, this month that it couldn’t guarantee the security of its writers while they were working in the Gaza Strip. Focusing on Hamas all through Gaza, the Israel Guard Powers (IDF) guaranteed the association was leading military exercises “nearby writers and regular folks.” The Israeli Protection Powers added that structures in the area could support harm because of Israeli airstrikes.

These disastrous occasions exhibit the awful cost that the contention has had on the families and columnists of both Israel and Palestine. Palestine television reporter Mohammad Abu Hatab and eleven of his relatives were killed in an Israeli barrage in Khan Younis.

Furthermore, on October 7, Hamas went after kibbutzes Kfar Aza and Nahal Oz, killing two Israeli photographic artists, Yaniv Zohar and Roee Idan, as well as their relatives. Shai Regev and Ayelet Arnin, two Israeli columnists, lost their lives that very day because of the Hamas assault on the Cosmic explosion live concert.