Who was Paul Weeks, Kiwi passenger on board Malaysia Airlines flight MH370?


Paul Weeks was Another Zealander who was one of the travelers on board Malaysia Aircrafts flight MH370, which vanished in 2014
He was a gifted mechanical specialist who had worked in the digging and development ventures for more than twenty years
After his vanishing, his better half Danica turned into a promoter for the groups of different travelers and team individuals and set up a magnanimous establishment in his memory

On Spring eighth, 2014, Malaysia Aircrafts flight MH370 vanished from radar screens and has since become perhaps of the biggest secret in flying history. Among the 239 travelers and group individuals on board the Boeing 777-200ER airplanes was Paul Weeks, Another Zealander who was venturing out to Mongolia to begin a new position.


Paul Weeks was born in the city of Perth, Western Australia, in 1960, however moved to New Zealand with his family when he was a youngster. He experienced childhood in the town of Rotorua, where he met his better half Danica. The couple got hitched in 2007 and gotten comfortable Perth, where they brought up their two small kids, Lincoln and Jack.

Weeks was a mechanical specialist who had worked in the digging and development ventures for more than twenty years. He was profoundly gifted and had practical experience in the establishment and upkeep of enormous scope gear. In January 2014, he was extended to an employment opportunity with Transwest Mongolia, an organization that spent significant time in the mining business. The position was situated in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, and Weeks was amped up for the chance to live and work abroad.

Upon the arrival of the flight, Danica drove her significant other to Perth Worldwide Air terminal, where he really look at in for his trip to Beijing, China. From that point, he was because of catch a corresponding flight to Ulaanbaatar. Paul was feeling great, and they embraced and said their farewells before he headed through security.

Be that as it may, the flight never showed up at its objective. It disappeared from radar screens under an hour subsequent to taking off from Kuala Lumpur Global Air terminal. The vanishing of flight MH370 has been covered in secret and hypothesis, and regardless of a broad pursuit activity, no flotsam and jetsam or destruction has at any point been found.

For Danica, the deficiency of her better half has been an overwhelming encounter. In the fallout of the vanishing, she turned into a promoter for the groups of different travelers and team individuals, pushing for more data about what has been going on with the plane and its tenants. She has likewise set up a beneficent establishment in her significant other’s memory, the Paul Weeks Trust, which gives monetary help to groups of individuals who have disappeared.

Danica has depicted Paul as a committed spouse and father who cherished investing energy with his loved ones. She has spoken about how troublesome it has been for herself as well as her kids to deal with his misfortune and the amount they miss him. She has likewise communicated her disappointment at the absence of answers encompassing the vanishing of the plane and the vulnerability it has caused for the groups of the travelers and team individuals.

All in all, Paul Weeks was a talented and experienced mechanical specialist who had committed his profession to the mining and development ventures. He was likewise a caring spouse and father who was amped up for the possibility of beginning a new position in Mongolia.

His misfortune, alongside that of different travelers and group individuals on board Malaysia Carriers flight MH370, has been a misfortune that has impacted many individuals. Regardless of the broad pursuit activity and examinations, the vanishing of the plane remaining parts a secret, leaving families like Danica and her youngsters without conclusion.