Who Was Robert Alun Evans, and What Was His Importance in Welsh Broadcasting?

Robert Alun Evans, frequently known as R Alun, was as of late in the news subsequent to dying at 86 years old.

He was a Welsh radio trailblazer, popular for giving the main Welsh language critique of a Ribs football worldwide in 1977. His standing as a telecaster and expert is monstrous.

Early Life and Foundation Robert Alun Evans is from Llanbrynmair and was the child of the Reverend Robert Evans.

Full Name Robert Alun Evans
Known As R Alun
Birth Year 1936
Profession Broadcaster and Commentator
Major Achievement First Welsh language commentary of a Wales football international
Affiliation BBC Cymru, Heddiw news
Death Aged 86, in 2023

He sought after his schooling in Nyffryn Dyfi and therefore graduated in Welsh from Bangor College.

Proficient Achievements Robert Alun Evans started his service at Seion Llandysul subsequent to completing his schooling. His adoration for broadcasting, nonetheless, provoked him to join BBC Cymru’s Religion Division in 1964. During the 1960s and 1970s, he was a recognizable face and voice on BBC Ridges’ Heddiw news and current undertakings program.

Editorial on a Welsh Landmark Robert Alun Evans profession arrived at its peak when he gave the very first Welsh language critique for a Ribs football worldwide match. This achievement laid out a point of reference as well as featured the wealth of the Welsh language in traditional press.

Relationship with the Local area His presence reached out past radio. Robert Alun Evans was dynamic via virtual entertainment stages like Facebook, where he drew in with many individuals, accentuating his well disposed character and want to remain associated with his local area.

Leaving a Heritage His passing transmissions the conclusion of a significant time period in Welsh radio. R Alun’s extensive accomplishments, especially all through the 1960s and 1970s, have cemented his status as an industry pioneer. His obligation to advancing the Welsh language in sports editorial was truly notable.


Q: When did Robert Alun Evans die? A: He died in 2023 at 86 years old.

Q: What was R Alun’s most critical commitment to Welsh telecom? A: He is associated with giving the principal Welsh-language discourse for a Grains football match in 1977.

Q: Where did he set off for college? A: Robert Alun Evans procured a Welsh degree from Bangor College.

Q: Did he have some other positions prior to joining the media business? A: He was a priest at Seion Llandysul from the start.

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