Who was Rodney Pitts? Firefighter killed after rowhomes catch fire in Northwest Baltimore

Fireman Rodney Pitts, 31, died in a Baltimore burst, leaving 4 harmed
New to Motor Organization 29, Pitts showed commitment to his old neighborhood
City hall leader and Fire Boss urge local area support for the dispossessed and harmed, featuring Pitts’ magnanimous assistance

31-year-old fireman Rodney Pitts lost his life while doing combating a wild fiery blaze that immersed rowhouses in Northwest Baltimore. The fire, which additionally left four different firemen harmed, has incited an overflow of distress and backing for the brave people on call.


Who was Rodney Pitts?

Notwithstanding his moderately short residency at Motor Organization 29, Rodney Pitts had proactively procured a standing as a devoted and daring fireman. Hailing from the city he served, Pitts joined the division under a year prior, driven by an intense obligation to secure and serve his local area. Chairman Brandon Scott hailed Pitts as a legend and a genuine Baltimorian who made a definitive penance for the security of the city.

Among the harmed firemen, Lieutenant Dillon Rinaldo stays in basic condition at the Bayview Consume Center, while Lieutenant Keith Streams, Fireman Tavon Marshall, and Fireman Seth Robbins are getting treatment for their wounds. Fire Boss James Wallace called for relentless help for the deprived family and the harmed firemen, asking the local area to offer their thanks and fortitude with these valiant people who put their lives in danger for the prosperity of others.

The fire that prompted Pitts’ unfavorable destruction emitted in the 5200 block of Linden Levels Road, rapidly spreading to local homes, heightening in savagery as it blasted on. Boss Wallace expressed that the examination is effectively in progress, with specialists cautiously exploring all appropriate data and meeting observers to reveal the conditions encompassing the deadly occurrence.

City hall leader Scott joined Boss Wallace in encouraging the local area to unite behind the fallen fireman’s family and the harmed individuals from the division. Scott stressed the benevolent devotion showed by firemen, recognizing their enduring obligation to safeguarding the local area, frequently at the put of their own lives in extreme danger.