Who was Ruth Marie Terry? ‘Lady of the Dunes’ mystery solved, husband to blame for brutal murder

Ruth Marie Terry’s body was found in the ridges of Provincetown back in 1974
Her head almost cut off from her body
Her character stayed a secret until 2022

Ruth Marie Terry, normally known as “The Woman of the Ridges,” was killed, and the case has been mediated.


After the Massachusetts State Police had recently distinguished Person Rockwell Muldavin as an individual of interest in November, the Cape and Islands Lead prosecutor Robert Galibois openly recognized Muldavin as the lady’s killer on Monday.

Galibois asserted Muldavin, with whom he had as of late marry, was the last individual to see his better half alive before she was killed in 1974.

“Massachusetts State Police discovered that Ms. Terry and Mr. Muldavin went throughout the late spring of 1974. At the point when Mr. Muldavin got back from that excursion, he driving was accepted to be Ms. Terry’s vehicle and had demonstrated to witnesses that Ms. Terry had died,” the DA said a public statement.

“Ms. Terry was at absolutely no point ever seen by her family in the future. Ms. Terry’s brother attempted to track down his sister with Mr. Muldavin just expressing that they had a battle during their wedding trip, and he had not heard from his significant other once more,” the delivery proceeded.

“In view of the examination concerning the demise of Ms. Terry, it has been resolved that Mr. Muldavin was liable for Ms. Terry’s passing in 1974,” the DA finished up, it was shut to say the case.

Muldavin died in 2002; as per reports and the DA’s delivery, he was additionally the “prime suspect” in the passings of one more spouse and stepdaughter in the Seattle, Washington region in 1960.

However Terry was killed in 1974, she wasn’t recognized until a year ago.

Who was Ruth Marie Terry?

The Boston Division of the FBI expressed in October of last year that Ruth Marie Terry, who had been “the most established, unidentified casualty in Massachusetts” for quite some time, had been found. At the point when she died, she would have been 37 years of age.

After Terry’s body was tracked down on July 26, 1974, she procured the moniker “Woman of the Hills” and lived under it for almost 50 years. Her homicide was especially frightful since she was struck in the head, nearly losing her head to her body. Specialists deduced that the shortfall of her hands was finished to forestall unique mark ID.

Her body was found stripped, facedown on an ocean side cover, with her head on some collapsed pants, and no weapon was found close by.

Analytical ancestry was utilized to decide the personality of Terry, whose remains had been unearthed something like multiple times beforehand. This technique, as indicated by the FBI, “joins the utilization of DNA examination with customary lineage research and authentic records to create insightful leads for inexplicable vicious violations.”

The “Woman of the Ridges” secret was a genuinely notable case that all through the years started various connivances. Another thought, high level by Stephen Lord’s child Joe Slope, was that the homicide was committed by mobster Whitey Bulger.

His 2015 blog article suggesting that the one who bears a “frightening likeness” to police portrayals could have been an extra in “Jaws” started new consideration in the thought in 2018 because of “Within Jaws” webcast.