Who was Ryan Clinkunbroomer? Palmdale man arrested in fatal shooting of LA Deputy Sheriff

A 29-year-elderly person was captured on doubt of completing the shooting which killed Delegate Ryan Clinkunbroomer
Clinkunbroomer was 30 years of age, and had spent the past 1 and a half years filling in as a field preparing official
He was in his uniform and was ready for deployment when he was shot on Saturday night

The L.A. Region Sheriff’s Specialization quickly confined a 29-year-old Palmdale occupant associated with doing the shooting, in something like a day and a half following the horrible shooting demise of Representative Ryan Clinkunbroomer, who was killed in his watch vehicle.


The kept man has been perceived as Kevin Salazar.

Who was Ryan Clinkunbroomer?

Appointee Clinkunbroomer was 30 years of age. He was a very much regarded individual from the power and had spent the past 1 and a half years functioning as a field preparing official.

Clinkunbroomer was in his uniform and was training for deployment when he was shot on Saturday night. Soon after he left a police headquarters in Palmdale, a city north of Los Angeles, the occurrence happened when his watch vehicle was at a stop sign. Observation film of the terrible episode prompted an extended manhunt throughout the end of the week.

Clinkunbroomer’s family had an extensive history in policing third-age delegates. His dad had been a lieutenant, and his granddad had arrived at the position of skipper. Sadly, just a brief time after his commitment to his better half, Clinkunbroomer’s life was killed.

Kevin Cataneo Salazar was captured on Monday following an extended deadlock with Exceptional Requirement Department specialists at the suspect’s home in the 37700 block of Barrinson Road in Palmdale, as per Sheriff Robert Luna, who made the declaration at a public interview held at the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station.

The examiners found the dull dim Toyota Corolla that they accept was utilized in the Saturday firing with “various guns”. While the Sheriff’s Specialty is sure that they are holding the ideal individual, Luna accentuated that they are as yet searching for any open data that can help the L.A. Region Lead prosecutor’s Office demonstrate their case.

Clinkunbroomer’s family in an explanation said, “Our child Ryan was a committed, diligent representative sheriff who delighted in working here at the Palmdale station. He was glad to work at the edge of his accomplices that he considered brothers and sisters as he forfeited everyday to better the local area that he served. Ryan made a definitive penance in doing as such.”