Who was Suheyb abu Amar al-Razm? Muslim bus driver killed by Hamas in October 7 music festival attack

Suheyb abu Amar al-Razm, a Muslim transport driver, unfortunately killed in the staggering assault at an Israeli live concert
The Clan of Nova celebration transformed into Israel’s most terrible non military personnel slaughter, as Hamas aggressors designated festivalgoers
More than 260 bodies were recuperated by Israel’s salvage administration Zaka, featuring the unpredictable idea of the assault

Muslim transport driver Suheyb al-Razm lost his life in the staggering Hamas assault at the Clan of Nova live concert.


Who was Suheyb abu Amar al-Razm?

Suheyb abu Amar al-Razm, an East Jerusalem Muslim transport driver, was mercilessly killed on October 7 after a terrible assault on an outdoors live concert close to the Gaza line. The Clan of Nova live event reverted into quite possibly of the most disastrous regular citizen killing in Israeli history.

The occasion started as a lively get-together of thousands of young fellows and ladies who collected in a wide field in southern Israel to appreciate electronic music. Air strike alarms suddenly interfered with the celebrations as revelers moved to the hints of the main event DJ, meaning the beginning of a bad dream.

Alarm grasped the audience as rockets sped above. Suheyb abu Amar al-Razm, a transport driver employed to pass youngsters on to and from the celebration, was up to speed in the disturbance. As per reports, festivalgoers frantically looked for security, with a few being shot. Many were inebriated or high on drugs, which added to their disarray and frightfulness.

Hamas shooters attacked Israel from Gaza and started shooting at festivalgoers. As extra revelers were gone after, the circumstance crumbled. Israeli people group around the celebration grounds were likewise designated, bringing about the seizing of many individuals, including the older and injured, and the horrendous loss of many lives.

Salvage endeavors uncovered a stunning cost, with no less than 260 bodies recuperated by Israel’s salvage administration Zaka.

Suheyb abu Amar al-Razm’s grievous predetermination represents the unpredictable part of the assault, wherein individuals from varying backgrounds were up to speed in a startling trial. The celebration, which started as a festival of music and happiness, finished in a tragic disaster that has made an enduring imprint on the country.