Who was Tiara Atencio? 22-year-old woman dies in hospital after SE Portland stabbing

A Portland woman who was taken to the medical clinic on Thursday in the wake of being cut has died of her injuries
The 22-year-old casualty has been recognized as Crown Atencio
The aggressor had left the site “before police were told,” and no captures had been made up until this point

A Portland woman who was taken to the emergency clinic on Thursday night subsequent to being cut has unfortunately died of her injuries, as indicated by an update from the Portland Police Department.


The lady has been recognized as Crown Atencio.

Who was Crown Atencio?

Headband Atencio was 22 years of age. She was an inhabitant of Portland. Soon after 11 p.m. on Thursday, police from the South Tabor region showed up at Southeast Powell Lane and 68th Road because of a charge of an assault. They found Crown Atencio genuinely harmed. Atencio was shipped off the clinic immediately to get clinical consideration.

The assailant had left the site “before police were advised,” and no captures had been made just later. Following the dispatch of analysts for more examination, Southeast Powell was shut somewhere in the range of 68th and 70th roads. Unfortunately, Atencio died in the clinic from her injuries. Her passing was managed a murder by the region clinical inspector, who credited it to a few cut injuries.

Atencio’s sister Fenicia Damian said, “She was entertaining, she was mindful, she never passed judgment on individuals; she was only a mindful individual.” “You realize how void it feels to lose somebody? You don’t have the foggiest idea what to feel.” It just damages; it harms.

Damian went on by expressing that Atencio was a single parent who had a unique necessities 1-year-old kid at home. “He was her life,” Damian proceeded. She talked about him everyday. You need to be with your kids and see your child develop.”

To pay tribute to Atencio, friends and family are fund-raising for a festival of life. Also, they are endeavoring to bring issues to light of her case. Damian asked those in control to act ethically and communicated her expectation that anybody with data would approach and give it to the specialists.

As per Portland police, starting around Monday evening, nobody has been captured and, as of now in the request, they are not uncovering any data about possible suspects.