Who was Tomanuel Benson? Memphis rapper Blac Youngsta brother shot and killed

A man was lethally shot close to a service station, leaving the local area and hip-jump world in grieving
Day to day Boisterous has affirmed that he was the brother of rapper Blac Youngsta
The person in question, distinguished as Tomanuel Benson, was unfortunately killed close to South Side Park

A man was shot and killed in South Memphis on a portentous Friday morning. The Memphis Police Office (MPD) revealed that the deadly shooting happened around 9:30 a.m. close to a B.P. service station on South Turnpike East, near South Side Park.


Online hip-jump and rap music stage Everyday Uproarious has affirmed that the casualty was the brother of rapper Blac Youngsta. Lofton Jr William of Blac Wood News has additionally affirmed it.

Who is Tomanuel Benson?

Tomanuel Benson was the more youthful brother of Memphis rapper Blac Youngsta. The lamentable misfortune has left both the nearby local area and the hip-jump world grieving the inauspicious passing of a youthful life.

Tomanuel Benson’s life was unfortunately stopped close to a BP corner store on South Road East, an area that has now become related with the tragic occasion.

As Memphis police proceed with their examination, no authority insights regarding the character of the person in question or the conditions of the shooting have been delivered.

Upon landing in the scene, policing found the casualty perished. Police tape cordoned off the area, and crew vehicles encompassed the corner store, portraying the sad occasion.

MPD has encouraged anybody with data in regards to the shooting to approach and contact CrimeStoppers at 901-528-2274. Important leads prompting a capture could be compensated with up to $2,000.