Who Was Traffic Jam Jimmy Aka James Uhrin? Death Of Baltimore TV Icon Shocks Fans And Family

The popular Broadcaster Traffic Jam Jimmy Death has been affirmed, and, surprisingly, his family has approached and shared the passing reason. Peruse along to find out.

Gridlock Jimmy Aka James Uhrin was one of the most loved telecasters of Baltimore.


In the “Skipper Chesapeake” episode, Uhrin previously showed up as Mondy the Sea Monster in the Baltimore region.

Most as of late, he went by the moniker “Gridlock” Jimmy, directing traffic across the Baltimore expressway each day.

During his time at FOX 45, Uhrin did nearly all the other things at the station, including coordinating, altering, and recording promotions.

Gridlock Jimmy Aka James Uhrin Cause Of Death Gridlock Jimmy’s reason for death was accounted for to be a cardiovascular failure, as shared by the sun.

His family expressed that he died of a coronary failure. He was 65 years at the hour of his passing. His passing has been weighty on many individuals as he was an adored individual.

Jimmy was probably the best telecaster. A good representative for his calling and one of the most incredible people I’ve at any point worked with expressed Sinclair Broadcast Group Executive Chairman David Smith.

VP of News Scott Livingston expressed, “Jimmy had an extraordinary ability for drawing out the best in everybody.” Uhrin loved his family, associates, and the city of Baltimore. “He was stand-out with a brilliant heart,”

Who Was Traffic Jam Jimmy Aka James Uhrin? James Uhrin, also known as Traffic Jam jimmy, was a Television symbol as he got notoriety for directing drivers around the Baltimore expressway each day of his profession.

In 1976, Uhrin started working at FOX45. He was an understudy at Julian Smith’s Sinclair Broadcast Group hardware school.

He started working parttime for Smith, aiding the development of the FOX 45 that watchers see today. In 2012, Uhrin joined the news group.

When there, Uhrin would cover local area exercises and assist vehicles with exploring the troublesome regular drive.

Uhrin spruced up as Santa Claus and visited feeble kids in Baltimore medical clinics each Christmas season.