Who were involved in Latisha Frazier’s murder? Details explored ahead of Homicide Hunter: American Detective on ID


Latisha Frazier’s August 2010 missing case went off in an unexpected direction when policing a tip that proposed six of her dear companions were engaged with her hijacking and ensuing homicide. Frazier, a 18-year old mother and McDonald’s representative in Washington, D.C., disappeared subsequent to going home following a night shift. Months after the fact, insights concerning her homicide at long last surfaced.

Those apparently engaged with the youthful mother’s killing were Johnnie Sweet, Brian Gaither, Anneka Nelson, Lanee Ringer, Cinthya Delegate, and Laurence Hassan. The gathering associated Frazier with taking cash from one of them and trapped her in reprisal. She was ruthlessly attacked and passed on to die in a storage room. Subsequently, they attempted to eviscerate her body prior to unloading it in a dumpster.


ID’s Manslaughter Tracker: American Investigator narratives the baffling instance of Latisha Frazier, whose body was never found, in an episode named Murder Legislative center. The summary peruses:

“After a dedicated youthful mother disappears on the mean roads of Washington, D.C., Investigator Jackie Middleton should make quick work of an inhumane scheme.”
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In 2010, Latisha Frazier was a 18-year-old ongoing secondary school graduate, the mother of a little child, and worked all day at a neighborhood McDonald’s in the Washington D.C. region. Her companion bunch was driven by a 17-year-old named Johnnie Sweet and included Brian Gaither, 23, Cinthya Delegate, 19, Laurence Kamal Hassan, 22, Anneka Nelson, 16, and Lanee Chime, 17.

On August 2, Frazier worked her night shift and took a similar transport she boarded consistently with her beau, who guaranteed that the 18-year-old got off at an alternate quit, asserting she needed to meet her companions. She was rarely seen after that and was accounted for missing two days after the fact. Her case stayed perplexing for a really long time until reality got energy in January 2011 when specialists got a critical tip.

Questions with respect to the inclusion of Latisha Frazier’s companions began surfacing. Examiners then, at that point, discovered that Johnnie Sweet, the supposed head of the gathering, thought that the youthful mother took $900 from him and remembered the leftover five for a plot to snare Frazier and get payback.

The six companions, to be specific Johnnie Sweet, Brian Gaither, Cinthya Delegate, Laurence Kamal Hassan, Anneka Nelson, and Lanee Chime, then, at that point, baited her into Sweet’s condo on the night she disappeared, trapped her, and attacked, bound, taped, choked, nudged, and gagged her. The gathering then, at that point, left her in a storage room with her head shrouded in a sheet after which she died.

Reports express that after Frazier died, the suspects attempted to dismantle her body prior to unloading it in a dumpster. Her body was rarely found, in spite of the fact that being in one of two landfills in Virginia is accepted.

In a “no-body” crime case, each of the six associated with Latisha Frazier’s homicide were condemned to jail with just a single individual going to preliminary while the leftover acknowledged supplication bargains.

Cinthya Delegate and Laurence Kamal Hassan were condemned to 21 and 18 years, separately, after the previous conceded to second-degree murder, seizing, and connivance to carry out proof altering, and Hassan confessed to second-degree murder and abducting.

Brian Gaither conceded to first-degree murder and was given a 32-year jail term. In the mean time, Anneka Nelson conceded to second-degree murder and hijacking and Lanee Chime confessed to a solitary charge of seizing.

In the mean time, Johnnie Sweet was seen as at real fault for first-degree crime murder, first-degree planned murder, seizing, and altering actual proof. Specialists fabricated a “no-body” crime for the convictions in Latisha Frazier’s homicide case. He was condemned to 52 years in jail.

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