Who were Jayla Nicole and DeAndre Fezell? Victims killed in mass shooting in Texarkana, Texas by Breoskii Warren

Mass shooting in Texarkana, Texas claims three lives and harms three at a party
Jayla Nicole and DeAndre Fezell among the people in question; suspect looked for is Breoskii Warren
Fistfight at the party prompted gunfire, with examinations progressing

Jayla Nicole and DeAndre Fezell were among the casualties of a sad mass shooting in Texarkana, Texas, supposedly dedicated by Breoskii Warren.


Three individuals were killed and three more were harmed in a mass shooting that occurred during a Saturday night party in Texarkana, Texas. The episode being referred to has stunned the local area. The people in question, matured 19 to 31, were trapped in the crossfire of a contention that emitted into brutality.

Who were Jayla Nicole and DeAndre Fezell?

Jayla Nicole and DeAndre Fezell, two of those killed in this silly demonstration, died horribly. One man died at the site, while another man and lady died from their wounds in the hours after the episode. The excess casualties, two men and a lady, experienced perilous wounds and were shipped off the clinic for treatment. Be that as it may, it hasn’t been accounted for yet with respect to how Jayla Nicole and DeAndre Fezell died.

The occurrence started with a physical clash between two guys at the party, which was being facilitated in the back room of a business in the 700 block of N. Stateline Road. Nonetheless, this conflict turned heartbreaking when no less than two individuals at the party drew guns and started shooting.

Specialists are effectively looking for replies, and Breoskii Warren, 20, has been distinguished as a suspect in the shootings. Be that as it may, the real arrangement of occasions and Warren’s inclusion are as yet being explored.

The Texarkana, Texas Police Division has mentioned people in general to offer any clues concerning this case and Breoskii Warren’s whereabouts. Those with data can contact Texarkana police at 903-798-3116 or Texarkana Region Wrongdoing Plugs at 903-793-STOP.