Who were Layla Silvernail and Camille Quarles, triple murder victims?


Layla Silvernail and Camille Quarles were 16
They were killed in Ocklawaha, Florida
The people in question and their charged executioners were supposedly liable for a new instances of thefts and robberies

The sheriff declared on Friday that two minors were in prison comparable to the killings of three teenagers in Ocklawaha, Florida, and that the third suspect, likewise a minor, is currently at large.


Layla Silvernail, the primary casualty, was found shot on a side of the road on Walk 30, as indicated by Marion Region Sheriff Billy Woods.

Who were Layla Silvernail and Camille Quarles? Born in 2007, Layla Silvernail and Camille Quarles were shot in a vehicle along on Walk 30, 2023 in Ocklawaha, Florida.

The sheriff revealed that Silvernail’s car was found in a lake around 9 miles from where she was found, half lowered, on one occasion after she had died. As indicated by the sheriff, the third casualty, a 16-year-old female, was found inside the storage compartment with a shot injury.

Silvernail was alive when she was seen as yet later capitulated to wounds.

At a news meeting Marion District Sheriff Billy Woods, Woods uncovered that the three casualties were completely associated with posses and taken part in burglaries and break-ins.

The people in question and their blamed executioners were purportedly liable for a new instances of burglaries and robberies in the little Florida town.

Criminal investigators had the option to discover that the three youthful casualties were in a vehicle possessed by Silvernail preceding their killings, prior to being dropped in various regions more than a three-day time span. As indicated by the sheriff, an observer heard a progression of shots at that point, driving specialists to expect the young people were undeniably killed simultaneously.

The revelation was followed hours after the fact by the disclosure of a unidentified 17-year-old casualty on a street under a pretty far. Camille Quarles, 16, was found inside Silvernail’s car, which was somewhat covered in a lake.

Woods expressed that the manslaughters were “group related” and that “each were related with a pack in some shape or structure.” Fears that a chronic killer might be free as a bird close to Ocklawaha, Florida, because of the nearness of the violations were immediately dissipated by specialists.