Who Were Olivia Newton-John Parents Brinley And Irene Born? Where Is Her Daughter Chloe Lattanzi Now?

Olivia Newton-John, an entertainer, artist, and four-time Grammy champ best associated with depicting Sandy in the well known melodic Grease, has died.

Likewise, the artist, musician, entertainer, money manager, and lobbyist won four Grammys, five number-one hits, and ten top ten crushes. She likewise had two collections that topped at number one during the 1970s.


Moreover, she upheld the privileges of creatures and the climate.

Also, her significant other declared her passing news on her Instagram. This is the thing we are familiar her folks and family ancestry.

Olivia Newton-John Parents: Father Brinley and Mother Irene Born On September 26, 1948, Newton-John was born on September 26, 1948, to guardians Brinley Newton-John and Irene Born. She was six years of age when her family moved to Melbourne, Australia.

According to the Guardian, her dad stood firm on a footing as a researcher and was likewise a M15 specialist.

Plus, her dad was a MI5 specialist who took part in Bletchley Park’s Enigma project. He was furthermore perceived as the specialist who caught Nazi boss Rudolph Hess during World War II.

Sadly, he died from malignant growth. Liver disease added to his 1992 death, per his eulogy. At the hour of his passing, Brinley Newton-John was 78.

Additionally, as per his Wikipedia profile, her mom is moreover accepted to have died on that date in 2003.

English Singer Comes From A Jewish Family Background Olivia is slid from Jews because of her Jewish maternal granddad, the Nobel Prize-winning physicist Max Born, escaping the Nazi system from Germany to Britain before World War II.

Through her, Newton-maternal John’s grandma was a third cousin of entertainer Ben Elton. She likewise had fatherly Jewish family.

The legal counselor Victor Ehrenberg filled in as her maternal extraordinary granddad, while the law specialist Rudolf von Jhering was the dad of her matrilineal extraordinary grandma.

Is Her Daughter Chloe Lattanzi Missing? The little girl Chloe Lattanzi, the sole offspring of Olivia Newton-John, isn’t dared to miss. She never vanished; as a matter of fact, her mom’s ex was the person who disappeared.

The 36-year-old excellence was born in Los Angeles, California, to entertainer Olivia Newton-John and entertainer Matt Lattanzi. Also, Lattanzi has been fortunate in adoration, notwithstanding her folks’ separation from each other in 1995.

She deals with a legitimate pot ranch in Oregon with her life partner, James Driskill, with whom she has been locked in beginning around 2010.

In spite of the fact that Covid-19 had upset her little girl’s wedding arrangements, her mom told Daily News in September 2021 that she had previously picked her dress.

Newton-John expressed in a meeting: “I had that delightful experience, yet she has her piece of clothing.”

Newton-John’s Ex-Boyfriend Faked His Own Disappearance A decade in the wake of creating his vanishing, Patrick McDermott, the ex of Olivia Newton-John, supposedly lived in a provincial area of Mexico with a German darling.

At the hour of McDermott’s vanishing, Chloe was just 11 years of age. On an evening time fishing trip off the bank of San Pedro, California, in 2005, McDermott suddenly disappeared.

Prior to claiming to disappear, he had as of late petitioned for financial protection because of neglected youngster support and different costs. At the point when he disappeared in November 2008, the Coast Guard directed a monstrous pursuit however came up with basically nothing.

In January 2009, specialists found evidence that he was alive; half a month after the fact, McDermott had a letter sent for his sake affirming these realities.