Who won Jeopardy! tonight? April 13, 2023, Thursday

Another episode of Peril! circulated on KABC-television on April 13, highlighting three players contending in the extreme information based test. The contenders were granted cash for each right reaction and the player who procured the greatest sum won the episode.

Ben Chan got back to Danger! as the upgraded one-day victor with complete profit of $16,001. Chan is a way of thinking teacher from Green Narrows, Wisconsin. His rivals on the episode were Peter Early, a settlement expert from Windham, New Hampshire, and Liz Jensen, a housewife from Metuchen, New Jersey.


Yet again ben Chan drove the game overwhelmingly and played many day to day pairs to win all rounds. Peter and Liz couldn’t respond to a few inquiries, which gave Ben a benefit.

The classes for the main round were The Grand Southwest, Letter Awesome, In The Air This evening, Foodstock, Trademarked Sounds, and Lost soul.

Ben involved a day to day twofold in the round to erroneously get the lead subsequent to responding to 11 inquiries accurately and one. He multiplied his score toward the round’s end.

In the mean time, Peter gave 11 right reactions and no erroneous ones while Liz gave six right and two wrong inquiries. The last score after the round was Ben at $10,200, Peter at $6,000, and Liz at $800.

The classes under the Twofold Peril! round were The Book Of Romans, Here’s A Touch Of Everything, Secretaries Of State, Triple “A”; German Writing, and Lost soul On television.

Ben got to two everyday pairs inside the initial eight signs in the round. Liz, then again, offered a few erroneous titles in her responses, which brought down her score. Altogether, Ben gave 22 right and one wrong response(s).

Peter responded to 16 inquiries accurately and one erroneously. Liz gave 13 right and four wrong reactions.

The last score after the Twofold Danger! round was Ben at $27,200, Peter at $6,400, and Liz at $6,000.

Ben and Liz offered the right response to the last inquiry however with such a colossal lead, Ben got the better of Liz easily. His low bet of $2,800 carried his last profit to $30,000 in the episode.

Thus, Ben Chan won Danger! today. The last inquiry of the April 13 episode of Peril! was under the classification Investigation and the piece of information was:

“James Cook’s record of a 1774 visit here records an item “close to 27 feet in length, and as many as 8 feet over the bosom or shoulders.”” The right reaction was:

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“What is Easter Island (Rapa Nui)?” Ben and Liz both offered the right response, wagering $2,800 and $5,000 separately. Peter, in any case, bet away $1,916 for some unacceptable reaction of Rua.

The end-product of the episode were:

Ben Chan: $27,200 + $2,800 = $30,000 (What is Easter Island?) (2-day absolute: $46,001)

Liz Jensen: $6,000 + $5,000 = $11,000 (What is Easter Island?)

Peter Early: $6,400 – $1,916 = $4,484 (What is Rua?)

This is Ben’s second success of the time and he will currently guard his title against new players in the impending episodes, until he is crushed. With such an enormous win, Chan could likewise join the competition of champions.

Ben Chan will play against Kari Elsila and Greg Czaja in the following episode of the show, which airs on Friday, April 14.