Who won Jeopardy! tonight? March 10, 2023, Friday

Risk! Season 39 got back with another episode after a long break because of Secondary School Gathering Competition.

On Friday, February 17, 2023, the show broadcasted the last episode of season 39 preceding the establishment’s competition began on February 20, 2023. Since the competition finished this Thursday, another episode of the most recent season has been delivered on Friday, Walk 10, 2023.


The returning player from the February 17 episode was Stephen Webb, an information researcher from Longmont, Colorado. Prior, he dominated three matches and banked $80,631. In the most recent episode, he played against two new players — Jannette Peterson, an alumni understudy initially from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Nick Lauber, a lawyer from Sherman Oaks, California.

While Mayim Bialik facilitated the Secondary School Gathering Competition, the season 39 episodes have is Ken Jennings.

In the Walk 10 episode, Ken got back with his facilitating charm, introducing classes and hints/inquiries to the players. In the primary round, the classifications included “How about we Visit Nicaragua, Shopping At The Shopping center, twentieth Century Names, Network programs All in all, Mishmash, From Stem To Harsh.”

The returning boss, Stephen Webb, lived it up with 17 right responses. He gave the greatest number of right reactions and furthermore conveyed three wrong responses. New players Jannette Peterson and Nick Lauber, then again, endeavored a couple of inquiries. While Jannette offered seven right and two wrong responses, Nick addressed five accurately and three mistakenly.

The scores going into the subsequent round were Stephen at $8,200, Jannette at $2,000, and Nick at $1,000.

In the subsequent round, the classes were “Future Oscar Champs, Science, Getting Educated, Apparatus Talk, Public Authority Language, Scholarly Previously and Later.”

The Twofold Peril round’s outcome was like the primary round. Stephen and Jannette established Everyday Duplicates and they played the fragment astutely. The returning hero was driving the game with an incredible score of $20,400. Jannette arrived in runner up yet her score was beneath $10,000. She and Nick banked $9,600 and $5,400, individually.

The Last Risk round didn’t help anybody out. The players couldn’t really address the inquiry accurately in the last round. The rankings on the scoreboard continued as before.

Consequently, Stephen Webb won Peril! today.

Facilitated by Ken Jennings, the Walk 10 episode highlighted the last inquiry under the classification, “Intrusions.”

The last inquiry/sign read:

“Upheld by 14,000 soldiers, he attacked Britain to reestablish, as would be natural for him, its ‘religion, regulations, and freedoms.'”
The right reaction to the sign was “William of Orange.”

None of the players offered the right response to the last inquiry on the opposition series today. Stephen stated “Charles II,” while Nick and Jannette speculated “William the Champion.”

Investigate the end-product of the Walk 10 episode:

Stephen Webb: $20,400 – $150 = $20,250 (Who is Charles II??) (4-day absolute: $100,881)

Jannette Peterson: $9,600 – $8,000 = $1,600 (Who is William the Hero?)

Nick Lauber: $5,400 – $4,201 = $1,199 (Who is William the Winner)

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With the present success, Stephen turned into the four-day champion and procured a spot in the Competition of Champions 2023. Hailing from Longmont, Colorado, the information researcher crossed the $100,000 mark in his fourth game.

He will get back to play his fifth game and safeguard his past successes in the following episode against two new challengers.

The partnered game show will air its forthcoming episode on Monday, Walk 13, 2023.