Who won Jeopardy! tonight? May 30, 2023, Tuesday

Diandra D’Alessio, two-day defending champ, returned on Danger! on Tuesday, May 30 to safeguard her title. She is a specialized essayist from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, with $15,700 in rewards. Her challengers were Ilhana Redzovic, a speculation partner from Chicago, Illinois, and Nathan Dennis, a C-17 loadmaster from Charlotte, North Carolina.

The three challengers should answer some extreme information based inquiries to bring in cash and score. The player with the greatest income toward the finish of the episode dominated the match and the triumph title.


The abstract of the game peruses:

“A returning boss and two challengers test their bell abilities and their insight in an extensive variety of scholarly and famous categories.”Today’s Risk! champ is Ilhana Redzovic

Ilhana Redzovic crushed Diandra in an exceptionally merciless way. She was leading the pack for each round and had the option to dominate the match in spite of not realizing the last response by avoiding any and all risks.

The classifications under the primary round were Creators’ Most memorable Books, The Year That Was, The Band’S Melodies Recount to A Story, Fruity Rhyme Time, “M.C.” and Mallet.

Ilhana got her speed in the final part of the round and immediately pivoted the game after only 30 signs. Altogether, she offered 13 right responses, with one mistaken reaction. Nathan offered 9 right responses, with 2 wrong ones, and Diandra responded to 5 inquiries accurately and 1 mistakenly.

The score after the round was Ilhana at $6800, Nathan at $2600 and Diandra at $2000.

The classifications under the Twofold Peril! round were Mountains, Czech It Out!, Researchers, Feline Varieties, Disney Endings and Center “G.”

Both the challengers got on the day to day pairs. Nathan bet $1356 on his reaction while Ilhana bet away $5000 of her rewards. She was simply $1000 shy of getting a runaway into the last round. Altogether, Ilhana offered 23 right responses and 2 erroneous ones. Nathan addressed 19 inquiries accurately, with 4 wrong ones, and Diandra gave 11 right reactions, against 2 inaccurate reactions.

The score after the Twofold Danger! round was Ilhana at $21,000, Nathan at $10,756, and Diandra at $7200.

The last round was a triple puzzler however with such a gigantic lead, Ilhana effectively protected her score, notwithstanding losing $600.

Subsequently, Ilhana Redzovic won Risk! today. The last round of Peril! game 187 was under the classification Abstract Gatherings. The last inquiry read:

The right reaction was “Who are the Lake Artists?” the players were not really ready to acquire any score in the round. In the wake of wagering, Diandra, Nathan, and Ilhana lost $7199, $3745, and $600 separately.

The last score of the game was:

Ilhana Redzovic: $21,000 – $600 = $20,400 (What is Algonquin Round Table?) (1-day all out: $20,400)

Nathan Dennis: $10,756 – $3,745 = $7,011 (Who are the Meadowmen?)

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Diandra D’Alessio: $7,200 – $7,199 = $1 (Who are the Algonquin Round Table?)

As the upgraded one-day victor, Ilhana should shield her title against new challengers to remain in the game and arrive at the Competition of Champions.