Who won Jeopardy! tonight? May 4, 2023, Thursday

Game 169 of Peril! season 39 broadcasted on KABC-television on Thursday, May 4, 2023. The episode highlighted two new contenders attempting to overcome the one-day champ Hannah Wilson in an extreme information based test, where they needed to respond to extreme inquiries to bring in cash. Hannah is an information researcher from Chicago, Illinois, and her income from the very beginning were $25,800.

The two challengers of the game were Warren Beauty, a croupier from Lanham, Maryland, and Marie Claude Dussault, a translater and manager from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The three players needed to contend in three rounds in the game and bring in the most extreme measure of cash.


Hannah effortlessly responded to the majority of the inquiries in every one of the three adjusts and dominated the match with a tremendous lead. She didn’t allow her challengers to arrive at the everyday pairs.

The classifications under the main round were Stating, Florida Places, A Book of scriptures Thumpin’, U.S. Realities and Figures, Magazines As such, and Competitors Named For. While the contenders made some extreme memories addressing inquiries in the primary round, Hannah scored $8,200 before the principal break itself. Altogether, she offered 17 right reactions and no inaccurate response. Warren Elegance and Marie Claude offered 8 and 2 right responses accurately with 1 erroneous reaction each.

The absolute score after the round was Hannah at $13,000, Warren at $3000 and Marie Claude at $800.

The classifications after the Twofold Risk! round were Novel Nations, The Pinnacle Of London, Science, An Exceptional Train Vehicle, 21st Century Movies, and Abbre-V-ations.

Warren Effortlessness and Marie Claude hummed in multiple times joined in the Twofold Risk! round. Hannah got practically every one of the signs and, surprisingly, scored $11,000 in different day to day duplicates. She addressed 33 inquiries accurately, with three inaccurate reactions. Marie Claude offered five right and one inaccurate responses, while Warren gave 10 right and 2 mistaken reactions.

The last score after the round was Hannah at $35,200, Marie Claude at $5600 and Warren at $4,600. Warren was the one in particular who didn’t get the last inquiry right. Hannah scored the most in the round and dominated the match with $45,200 in her bank.

The last inquiry of the May 4 episode of Peril! was under the class “Bodies of Water” and the last piece of information read:

The right solution to the inquiry was “What is the Bering Waterway?” Hannah and Marie separately procured $10,000 and $2,601 subsequent to giving the right reaction. Warren bet $4,500 against the wrong reaction Cook Starit.

Hannah Wilson: $35,200 + $10,000 = $45,200 (What is the Bering Waterway?) (2-day absolute: $71,000)

Claude Dussault: $5,600 + $2,601 = $8,201 (What is the Bering Waterway?)

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Warren Beauty: $4,600 – $4,500 = $100 (What is the Cook Waterway?)

As a two-day victor, Hannah will contend with new players in the impending episodes to safeguard her title. She will actually want to contend the Competition of Champions assuming that she dominates three more matches.

In the following episode of Peril!, which airs on Friday, May 5, Hannah will play against Ashwin Phadnis and Brian Alzua.