“Why are they not moving?” – Video of Americans kidnapped in Mexico sparks concern online


A video of four Americans being seized and attacked by a couple of vigorously outfitted men in Mexico has surprised the web. The four people from America, crossed the boundary in Texas and made a trip to Mexico, however experienced harsh criticism soon after they entered the eastern city of Matamoros.

A video of the episode is presently doing the rounds via web-based entertainment. In the clasp, the men should be visible with arms as they load the four Americans into a truck. The video plainly shows one individual moving, in this manner demonstrating that they are alive, while the others were either injured, oblivious, or dead.


According to the Washington Post, specialists later guaranteed that the Mexican cartel killed two individuals, left one harmed, and one totally safe.

Besides, it is currently accepted that the Americans who were gotten were not the expected targets. Specialists of the two nations asserted that the cartel confused the men with Haitian medication runners.

Notwithstanding, the video doing the rounds via virtual entertainment is presently leaving netizens worried as many saw the video and imparted their insights. One web-based entertainment client called attention to how the two men who were shot and killed were not moving.

BREAKING: 2 of the Americans hijacked in Matamoros, Mexico have been viewed as dead.

First I need to say, this never ought to have occurred, and petitions to heaven go out to the groups of those included.

The conservative is now some way or another going after Biden over this. Here are Current realities:

As the video got out and about via web-based entertainment and became a web sensation, individuals started pondering the character of the four men. Relatives shared that the gathering of men comprised of Latavia McGee, Shaeed Woodard, Zindell Brown, and Eric James Williams, who went from South Carolina. The family likewise uncovered that the companions were voyaging together so one of them could finish a stomach fold strategy.

Besides, the FBI is requesting the public’s assistance to find the ones who are presently on the run. The organization has reported a prize of $50,000 for the capture of the ones who were engaged with this terrible demonstration.

Specialists have likewise guaranteed that an examination is in progress and police are getting finger impression information, really looking at vehicles, taking organic examples, and get-together reconnaissance camera film to get the Mexicans who are behind the killing of the two Americans.