“Why can’t yall just act right”: Kansas City amusement park fight involving 100 teens leaves the internet shocked


An uncommon event occurred in Kansas as of late as a fight followed at an entertainment mecca in Missouri, where the police must be called. This occurred throughout the end of the week at Universes of Fun when the recreation area was commending its 50th season. The Earth District Sheriff’s Office expressed that the police were called after a fight including more than 100 teenagers broke out.

The entertainment mecca’s delegate and a group of representatives, close by park security officials and the Kansas City Police Division, teamed up to guarantee the teens were cleared from the premises. The circumstance was managed by the specialists by 8:30 pm.


Be that as it may, when the recording of the occurrence and fresh insight about the fight began flowing via web-based entertainment stages, netizens shared their responses. The immense number of teens associated with the quarrel left numerous in dismay.

While the specialists didn’t state how the battle began, they informed that the majority of the 100-150 adolescents engaged with the battle were not joined by a grown-up.

A new fight at an entertainment mecca in Kansas City including 100-150 youngsters has started far reaching concern and collected media consideration. The episode, which happened during off the clock hours and involved park security officials, the nearby police division, and off the clock appointees, has left many stunned and befuddled by the size of the squabble.

In the result of the battle, virtual entertainment stages have been overwhelmed with responses from netizens communicating their skepticism. In the mean time, a few clients mockingly kidded about the occurrence, composing that it “wouldn’t be Universe of Fun without mass fights and young people” attempting to keep away from the police.

With Universes of Tomfoolery initiating its 50th-commemoration festivities on April 8, 2023, the Kansas City carnival saw a sad new development. A savage fight including a few minors and a huge group broke out, causing mayhem and disturbance. As per a news discharge by the Dirt Province Sheriff’s Office, the battle brought about a sheriff’s representative being smacked directly upside the head.

According to the authorities, a young lady punched the cop when he requested that the teen young lady leave. Be that as it may, she was captured and gone over to her folks. Police additionally revealed that the official experienced shallow wounds.

The occurrence has created a shaded area over the much-anticipated celebrations and raised worries over wellbeing measures at the famous vacation spot. For similar explanation, the Kansas City park gave an assertion and expressed how they are “committed” to keeping the commitment of giving enjoyable to a huge number of visitors.

Nonetheless, this isn’t whenever something first like this has occurred at the event congregation. In April 2019, a battle broke out that affected near 300 individuals. At that point, a large portion of individuals engaged with the battle were likewise teens. In the wake of considering this occurrence, online entertainment clients have proposed a few severe measures to be taken by the recreation area so that such cases are not rehashed from now on.