Why did Alex Murdaugh have dog kennels? Exploring how Bubba and family dogs played a role in the attorney’s conviction

The shamed South Carolina lawyer, Alex Murdaugh, was condemned to two life sentences without the chance of parole on Friday, Walk 3, 2023. He was seen as at legitimate fault for the killings of his better half, Maggie, and their child, Paul.

Maggie and Paul Murdaugh were killed close to the canine pet hotels at the Murdaugh family’s hunting bequest in South Carolina in June 2021.


In the homicide preliminary, which endured almost a month and a half, the jury was given 800 bits of proof and checked on declarations from 75 observers. These included Bubba, a yellow Labrador retriever, who was at the canine pet hotels when Maggie and Paul were killed on June 2021.

In no time prior to giving their decision, members of the jury likewise visited the canine pet hotels in the family’s South Carolina hunting home known as Moselle. The legal hearers visited the pet hotels to see where Alex Murdaugh’s better half and child were killed.

Throughout the preliminary, the canine pet hotels assumed a crucial part in sentencing Alex Murdaugh. The previous lawyer deceived the specialists and said that he wasn’t even close to the canine pet hotel the evening of the homicide in 2021.

Notwithstanding, investigators introduced a Snapchat video shot by Paul minutes before the shooting. The video set Murdaugh close to the canine pet hotels where he was heard grabbing a chicken away from Bubba, the family’s yellow labrador retriever. When gone up against with the proof, Alex Murdaugh conceded to being close to the pet hotels with his loved ones.

After the conviction, many accept that the canines were somewhat liable for implicating Alex Murdaugh in the homicide as the Snapchat video. The video, introduced as a pivotal piece of proof for the situation, was just recorded by Paul to soothe the worries of his companion Rogan Gibson. Gibson’s canine, Money, was remaining briefly in the Murdaugh pet hotels.

As per a few reports, Alex Murdaugh’s significant other, Maggie, was supposedly investing a ton of energy at the pet hotels in the months paving the way to her demise. This was credited to the conjugal issues she and Alex had been having which originated from their financial difficulties.

A source told alright Magazine, that Maggie was developing progressively troubled in the marriage. The source uncovered that this was because of Murdaugh’s narcotic compulsion and the beginning of monetary issues that started to torment the family’s way of life.

According to the source, Maggie, who might visit the pet hotel something like one time per week, carried along her child Paul to keep him in the clear. Maggie was concerned he had acquired his dad’s habit issues.

The source expressed that toward the start of the mid year of 2021, Maggie developed progressively stressed over Paul starting to drink more and party harder.

They added that the 52-year-old requested that Paul invest more energy with her at the pet hotels, asserting that she needed to ensure that the canines were alright. This was supposedly with the goal that she could watch out for the 22-year-old.

Following the killings, the canines were purportedly moved out of the pet hotels. While the whereabouts of the vast majority of the canines is obscure, the star observer for the situation, Bubba, is residing with Blanca Turrubiate-Simpson. Blanca is a previous representative of the Murdaughs, who likewise affirmed during the preliminary.