Why Did Washington Post Remove Felicia Sonmez? Reporter Fired Over Insubordination

Felicia Sonmez had tweeted a hostile joke made by a colleague. A conversation among her and the other collaborator started web-based after she shared a screen capture of the joke.

She guaranteed in a progression of tweets throughout recent days that the Post gives prepared, white writers particular treatment, even as far as what they are allowed to post via virtual entertainment.


For what reason Did Washington Post Remove Felicia Sonmez? WFTV Post On Reporter Fired
An end letter from The Washington Post expresses that Felicia Sonmez, a public staff correspondent whose new analysis of partners and virtual entertainment distributions acquired impressive consideration, was terminated.

Subsequent to scrutinizing an individual columnist for retweeting a profane joke, she supposedly ignited a warmed web-based conversation this week via virtual entertainment rules and how to act partners in broad daylight.

The Washington Post declared that it wouldn’t address faculty matters. Notwithstanding, a duplicate of the letter of excusal she got, blaming her for “resistance, criticizing your collaborators on the web and disregarding the Post’s norms on work environment collegiality and variety,” was posted on the Mediaite site and utilized as a source elsewhere in the world stories.

A delegate for the Post declined to remark and expressed, “We don’t examine staff concerns.” The leader supervisor, Sally Buzbee would not remark on the excusal, which the Daily Beast originally covered.

Sonmez answered, “I have no reaction as of now,” to questions concerning this case.

Felicia shared a screen capture of a coldhearted joke that her colleague Dave Weigel had posted on Twitter, alongside the explanation, “Incredible to work at a news association where retweets like this are permitted,” what began the occurrence. As per charges in the media, Weigel was allowed a one-month suspension by The Post for his retweet.

The Post and Sonmez have been in conflict for quite a while.

She recorded a claim against the paper last year, guaranteeing that her editors had violated her expertly in no less than two occasions. The Post momentarily taken out her from the Me Too beat and from covering the Brett Kavanaugh procedures in 2018 after openly uncovering that she had been a casualty of rape, which Sonmez guaranteed illustrated “oppressive reason.”

Furthermore, the Post momentarily suspended her in January 2020 when she tweeted an article in regards to claims of rape against Kobe Bryant not long after the b-ball player died.

Felicia Sonmez Husband And Family Felicia Sonmez is now hitched; nonetheless, she hasn’t uncovered her better half’s name nor the day of their wedding.

She is the mother of a youngster, then again. About her lengthy family members, there were no photos or data.

He hasn’t uncovered anything about his family, including her parent’s character.

She has kept quiet and never given the media any data about them.

Where Could Felicia Sonmez Now be? Felicia’s genuine area is hazy, yet she could accompany her loved ones.

She might be feeling discouraged over being given up from her work. She investigates letting it be known from the White House, Congress, and the battle field.

She recently worked in Beijing for over four years, first as an Agence France-Presse reporter and afterward as the proofreader of The Wall Street Journal’s China Real Time Report.

As a Blakemore Freeman Fellow at Tsinghua University, she likewise endured a year concentrating on cutting edge Chinese. Starting as a columnist for The Fix and afterward covering Congress, she covered public legislative issues for The Washington Post from 2010 to 2013.