Why Does Guy Garvey Have A Bee Tattoo On His Hand? Here Is The Meaning Behind It

The tattoo of a honey bee on Guy Garvey’s right hand addresses the energetic hard working attitude of Mancunians and the city’s clamoring air. It has likewise come to represent the feeling of attachment in Manchester.

Garvey established Elbow in the mid 1990s while going to 6th structure school in Whitefield, near Bury, along with Mark and Craig Potter, Pete Turner, and Richard Jupp.


He composes the verses for Elbow, and all through his profession, his songwriting has gotten high acknowledgment. For the 2008 track “Reason for Divorce,” Elbow brought back home two Ivor Novello Awards for best songwriting.

For what reason Does Guy Garvey Have A Bee Tattoo On His Hand? Fellow Garvey had the working drone, the image of Manchester, inked on his right arm to represent the city’s soul. He grew up near Manchester and gave the 2015 Extended Play of the band the name Lost Worker Bee.

In January 2015, Garvey guaranteed that he and his companion was getting a working drone inked. It was the main thing he had at any point considered inking on his body and he reluctantly remarked that he would get it on his calf.

On June 23, during the Elbow’s exhibition on The Park Stage at Glastonbury 2017, the Elbow frontman uncovered a tattoo portraying the “Manchester working drone.”

With an end goal to show support for the survivors of the Manchester Arena blast on May 22, 2017, pictures of the working drone were over and again shared via web-based entertainment.

Fellow Garvey Bee Tattoo – Meaning and Design Explained Fellow Garvey’s tattoo of a working drone on his right hand represents Manchester which has filled in as the city’s symbol for over 150 years.

Honey bees have for quite some time been respected for the critical job it played in the modern transformation. They represent the steadiness of the city’s “working drones,” who worked in the cotton plants known as “colonies of bees.”

At the point when seven honey bees were added to the city’s emblem towards the finish of the Industrial Revolution, the city officially embraced the image in 1842.

Notwithstanding, all through the following hundred years or somewhere in the vicinity, the seal lost its noticeable quality. Be that as it may, in 2014, the honey bee sign was resurrected after the establishment of new garbage bins generally all through the city.

Manchester City Council bought 600 new containers with a honeycomb example and honey bee logo as a component of a critical cleanup exertion. The honey bee has as of late turned into an image for Manchester organizations and big names to stress their associations with the city.