Why Is Harmonize Arrested In Nairobi Kenya And What Happened With Eric Omondi?

Melodic craftsman Harmonize, initially from Tanzania has been captured by the police specialists subsequent to being viewed as at legitimate fault for various protests expressing that he got cash from different sources however neglected to perform at the booked spots.

Already, Kenyan craftsman Eric Omondi had blamed him for having an annoyance issue.


Omondi recorded a protest against Harmonize expressing that the Tanzanian vocalist attacked him and denied or had a problem with performing at the Mombasa Road diversion joints and clubs.

In any case, in care, Harmonize was not able to aid the discount cycle to the Mombasa Joints.

He rejected that he has been getting cash from the joint clubs and he hit joke artist Omondi with a punch.

Why Is Harmonize Arrested In Nairobi Kenya? Fit was captured in Nairobi of Kenya after numerous amusement joints on Mombasa street and Nairobi documented an objection that the vocalist didn’t perform at the appointed occasions, having paid as of now for it.

He was captured on Sunday, May 1, 2022, and his capture additionally brought about the outspeaking of Kenyan comic Eric Omondi.

Eric has likewise recorded an attack claim against Tanzanian vocalist Harmonize, who is as of now dealing with indictments for his misleading notion wrongdoing.

He is being held at Kileleshwa Police Station and addressed for his inclusion in the misrepresentation.

Fit went to Nairobi to include in the Kenyatta International Conference Center for the Afrika Mojo show.

The Sunday night Mombasa occasion was really turbulent after fans were puzzled by the shortfall of Harmonize on the stage.

Having paid a heap of cash to see the vocalist perform, and being recently failed by his extremely short appearance, the participants revolted and the vent went wild.

What has been going on with Eric Omondi? Eric Omondi said that he was attacked and disregarded by the Tanzanian vocalist Harmonize.

He likewise announced that Harmonize was allocated to show up in the Sunday night Mombasa show yet neglected to do as such.

Orchestrate wouldn’t discount the cash he acquired for doing the show and consequently a case has been petitioned for his misrepresentation direct.

Subtleties On Harmonize’s Net Worth Through his splendid melodic excursion and business deals benefit, Harmonize has collected a ton of abundance from his melodic vocation.

He parades a gigantic total assets of more than $2 million starting around 2022.