Why Is Joey Chestnut On Crutches? What Happened To Him & His Injuries Explained

The best of the unsurpassed contender of Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, Joey Chestnut, astounded everybody on July first, appearing on the opposition ground with braces.

Fans were worried to see the last year’s victor with supports and a cast on his right leg, yet the show happens with Joey winning the challenge for the fifteenth time in succession.


Allow us to realize what happened to Joey’s leg for him to be on braces and what wounds he had supported and what caused the wounds.


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Why Is Joey Chestnut On Crutches? Joey Chestnut appeared on July first in New York City, strolling on props which shocked the serious eating local area.

The serious eater tipped the scales at 235 pounds as he told the Fox News Digital journalists that he planned to eat like a crazy person on July fourth.

Joey was seen wearing a dark cast on his right leg from under the knee however didn’t look irritated as he consoled his fans that he would have the option to stand up and eat.

38-year-old Chestnut told fans,” I’m not eating with my leg,” as he kept on becoming amped up for the opposition. Last year he won the opposition multiple times, breaking his own record and consuming 76 sausages in only 10 minutes.


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Sue Ellen Bullock (@sueellenbullock)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

The keep going year’s hero proceeded to come out on top for his fifteenth championship, eating up 63 wieners in a short time.

Fans didn’t appear to be too stressed over the previous hero’s exhibition in the challenge, and they were more right than wrong to trust in him.

In any case, they are interested about what has been going on with the member’s leg.

What has been going on with Joey Chestnut? His Injuries Explained Joey Chestnut has not yet made sense of what befell his leg other than making sense of his physical issue as a cracked ligament. The cutthroat eater from Indiana declined to give additional subtleties on the reason for the injury. All he said about his physical issue was that “life occurred.”


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Sue Ellen Bullock (@sueellenbullock)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

No further insights concerning his leg injury were given to his fans or the media sources. Regardless of his physical issue, he was not in any way shape or form impacted during the opposition in Coney Island.

Yet again he was seen limping and strolling with his braces on the opposition regardless figured out how to win the challenge.

You can scarcely tell that the cutthroat eater was harmed in view of the photos of his success since he looks so eager to have won for the fifteenth time satisfying his name of being the best ever. Fans expect the fast recuperation of Joey Chestnut’s legs while saluting him for the success.

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