Why Is Stavros Halkias Leaving Cumtown Podcast?

Stavros Halkias reports his retirement from Cumtown. His fans express the way that sorrowful they are nevertheless say thanks to him for engaging them throughout the previous six years.

Stavros Halkias has been engaging his audience for north of 10 years at this point. Whether it is stand-up or webcast, his parody is something that many individuals love. Certain individuals actually believe that he was kidding when he declared his leave from Cumtown.


Stavros Halkias Leaves Cumtown-Where Is He Going? Stavros Halkias reports his leave from Cumtown, making individuals wonder where he is going. He has been the core of the digital recording for a really long time.


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His abrupt declaration has left numerous crushed as they offer thanks to him for engaging them for these beyond six years. He said that the show had completely changed him, and he was grateful to every individual who showed him backing and love.

He communicated that he was miserable to leave his excursion with the web recording here but on the other hand is eager to share many new activities he is chipping away at.

The web recording began in 2016, and Nick Mullen, Adam Friedland, and Stavros are the hosts of this comedic digital broadcast. Be that as it may, Stavros reported his retirement from the show on June 25, 2022.

The riffs utilized in the show generally elaborate physically express circumstances and ethnic and racial generalizations. They as a rule had discussions about the hosts’ very own life, the news, stand-up parody, web-based entertainment, and mainstream society history.


Bu gönderiyi Instagram’da gör


Stavros Halkias (@stavvybaby2)’in paylaştığı bir gönderi

A Look Into Stavros Halkias Career Over A Decade Stavros Halkias began doing stand-up when he was an understudy at the Baltimore County Campus. He ran a month to month parody show and as often as possible acted in different spots in Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia.

His vocation removed another level when in 2012, he was perceived as Baltimore’s New Comedian of the Year. Afterward, he moved to New York City. Since he moved to N.Y., he has showed up as a visitor on a few public broadcasts and web recordings.

Moreover, he has composed for and performed on Adult Swim, IFC, People Talking Sports, and Other Stuff on the MSG Network. He has acted in different short movies and shown up on Comedy Central Stand-Up-Life Fails and S*x Fails.

In addition, he has opened for entertainers including Wham City, Tom Papa, and Robert Kelly in various occasions and has performed at New York Comedy Festival.

Beginning around 2019, he and Sam Morril have been facilitating the ball webcast Pod Don’t Lie. He co-facilitated White Chocolate NBA Pipecast with Adam Friedland beforehand. Moreover, he is the host of the Twitch show Stavvy Solves Your Problems.

He was likewise the co-host of Cumtown until 2022. He likewise delivered his most memorable parody exceptional, Live At The Lodge Room, on his own YouTube direct in 2022.

Stavros Halkias Joined Cumtown At Age 27 Stavros Halkias, age 33, was born to Greek foreigners from Athens and Macedonia. He was born and brought up in Baltimore, Maryland.

He went to a public secondary school named Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. Then, at that point, he went to the Baltimore County grounds of the University of Maryland to proceed with his studies, where he likewise began doing stand-up parody.

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