Why Rorochan Commit Suicide?


On November 24, 2013, Rorochan 1999, an unmistakable Japanese live-decoration, serious himself from his thirteenth floor level.

She was a Japanese live-decoration who essentially posted recordings of herself singing, playing the piano, and performing trying tricks. Her movies mostly were transferred under the username “Rorochan 1999.” Her allies made an enlivened film in her honor.


Hi everybody! I chose to discuss ロロちゃん/Rorochan_1999 (tw:Suicide,pedofiles and doxxing) pic.twitter.com/0K78nOVSt9

February 7, 2022 Rorochan_1999 Death Video With Sound On Reddit: Why Did Rorochan Suicide? Rorochan_1999’s self destruction video keep going transferred on November 24, 2013.

To conceal her character, she used to wear a cover. The camera drew nearer to the overhang’s edge in the recording, and Rorochan let out a frail cry.

The episode got little media consideration. In any case, over the long run, many individuals endeavored to accumulate more data and realities concerning the young lady.

Ruru’s Suicide Show on a Livestream depends on the exact story of a 14-year-old Japanese decoration who ended it all while live streaming.

“@Rorochan 1999” was her client name. “On November 24, 2013, she submitted herself by bouncing from her thirteenth floor level. Her live transmissions have been recorded and put away en masse.

At first, just a small GIF cut showing her fall was recuperated, yet the whole live transmission with sound was found on September 14, 2020.”

A Reddit client named u/TawmanPlays delivered a live transmission with sound on September 14, 2020, bringing back recollections for the young lady’s fan local area.

my first fair drawing on pc<3 I attracted this memory of rorochan_1999 and any remaining self destruction casualties, may all of you rest in piece wont be utilizing labels since its a touchy theme pic.twitter.com/OH7TQOjkib

– Nepttune (@diegoisdumb69) February 13, 2022 Rorochan_1999 Face Real Name And Parents The entire look of @Rorochan_1999 was not shown.

For the most part, she wore a veil over her face. She used to conceal her face behind boxes with openings. She seemed withdrawn, as though she would have rather not show her face.

This record is overseen by @Rorochan_1999, a high schooler young lady. At that point, she was a 14-year-old well known Japanese decoration. In Japan, the decoration was born in 1999. Her exact birthday is not really set in stone. Be that as it may, it was supposed to happen on January 26.

Her genuine name hasn’t been uncovered at this point. @Rorochan_1999 has been quiet with regards to her own life, including the personality of her folks.

In 2012, she began broadcasting interestingly on the eminent streaming site FC2. This was exceptionally famous in Japan at the time she lived there.

Likewise, she included NIconico, a Japanese video-sharing help. She shared recordings of herself singing, playing the piano, and speaking with her audience. These were a portion of her first webcasts.

She sought to be a web legend from here on out. She started to perform progressively trying accomplishments to acquire notoriety. A portion of her hazardous activities remember running into traffic and representing the edge of her loft rooftop.