Why Should Tribalism separate Igbo & Yoruba Men? – Charly Boy asks

Nigerian vocalist and lyricist, Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa, prevalently known as Charly Kid, has asked Nigerians the explanation for tribalism between Yoruba men and Igbo men. He offered this conversation starter in a tweet on his checked Twitter account on Friday morning.

Looking for replies from his fans, Charly Kid asserted that it is hard for him to comprehend the reason why tribalism will isolate Yoruba and Igbo men, when it can’t as a matter of fact, separate Yoruba men from Igbo young ladies.


He posted: “Make me Get it… In the event that tribalism can’t separate Yoruba men from Igbo young ladies for what reason would it be advisable for it to isolate Yoruba men from Igbo men?”

In the interim, a few responses to the diversion star’s tweet had this to say: Onyekachukwu Chukwuji: “That is on the grounds that regardless of the amount you program a man and train him to despise, you can never condition him and show him how to stop Konji. We are each of the One toward the end, Nature beats all of us with Reality. We don’t abhor one another; we are simply being subconsciously/subliminally controlled.”

Emmapatri: “As they guarantee people see no flaws in their loved ones from Adam to Eve however from one Adam to another, well, extremely elusive”.