Why Was Fiona Donohoe Arrested? Noah Donohoe Mother And Details On The Inquest On Her Son’s Death


A secretive passing happened in the year 2020 and has been closed by the police authorities saying that there was no injustice in it. The kid was just 14 years of age and his mom feels the end isn’t advocated.

This case has been closed from that point forward and the dead’s mother is evaluating all that could be within reach to get equity for her child. Presently, she has uncovered that she got captured scrutinizing the authorities. Here is everything to know.


Captured: Who Is Fiona Donohoe? Fiona Donohoe is the mother of Noah Donohoe who was observed dead in a sewage channel stripped in a piece of Belfast. The youngster’s end was marked as a mishap and police said nobody was really engaged with it.

Be that as it may, the four key documents were not really given to Fiona. As a mother of the kid, she had the right to get all of the data and she presumes messy deeds behind the case.

She has been scrutinizing this since the assertion from the police and as of late uncovered on Twitter that she got herself captured. This was done as such that she could get an assertion.

As indicated by her tweet, she saw legal sciences being utilized to examine a street pharmacist however for Noah’s situation, no crime scene investigation had been utilized. Her child most certainly merited better and PSNI should be more straightforward and responsible.

Noah Donohoe Mother and Story on Son’s Death Noah Donohoe had the most astounding mother who can quit any pretense of anything for her child. Indeed, even after his passing, she is putting her blood and sweat so her child gets equity.

On 21st June 2020, Noah was out to meet two of his companions. In any case, the little one stayed away forever and made his family restless. After his missing case was accounted for, the police began researching. After six days his dead body was spotted at a tempest channel stripped.

Further, even before the ID of the body, police delivered a media proclamation expressing the case was perfect. This didn’t remain well with Fiona and began a request to explore her child’s case again with full responsibility and straightforwardness.

She, as a mother, needs her child’s records to be placed before her and clarify the passing without anything being covered up. Donohoe has vowed everybody to sign the appeal and guarantees that she’ll battle till the finish of her life.