Why Was Twomad Arrested? Weight Loss Journey and More On The YouTuber

Muudea Sedik, as twomad, is a YouTuber and live decoration from Ethiopia. He is notable for his YouTube page, where he transfers recordings.

Seidek is notable for his cooperation in the computer games Overwatch and Fortnite. He additionally utilizes his channels to post difficulties, responses, conversations, storytime, and entertaining little recordings in his own.


In like manner, He is likewise answerable for the viral “Goodnight young lady” image. That, yet twomad likewise has two different channels under his influence. Aside from that, he is dynamic on other virtual entertainment organizations.

Not just that, Twomad started his YouTube profession in September of 2016. “Whenever TORBJORN MOLTEN CORES” was the title of his most memorable video. LOLYOU1337, a Counter-Strike YouTuber, roused his handle “twomad.”

Why Was Twomad Arrested? Regardless of his prevalence, TwoMad seems to have his fair number of doubters, as demonstrated by an alarming occurrence that happened during a transmission.

He likewise alluded to them as “North Korean pawns” who plainly worked for Kim Jong-un. He then proceeded to tweet awful things about BTS, inciting a multitude of kpop stans to flood his record with antagonistic tweets and kpop fancams.

Additionally, Twomad informed on March 1, 2020, that BTS stans were endeavoring to sue him for his video and had sent him a claim.

BTS fans blamed him for being bigoted towards Koreans, yet Twomad answered by showing screen captures of a portion of the messages he got, including a few that utilized the n-word.

Have some familiarity with Twomad Weight Loss Journey Twomad was around 80 kgs while as of now, he weighs around 63 Kg or 138 lbs. Be that as it may, there is no affirmation on the weight reduction excursion of the star.

The distinction in weight is accessible on different informal sites, yet it’s anything but a true source, so we can affirm of the reality after his uncover.

He may before long declare it to people in general through different web-based entertainment so his wellness exertion should be visible and the distinction can be perceived.

What Is Twomad Net Worth In 2022? Twomad’s chief wellspring of income is his YouTube channel. He every now and again posts discourse and storytime recordings about himself. His total assets is accounted for to be in the large numbers (USD).

Likewise, his content and devotion has prompted acquire this robust sum at this point in the exceptionally youthful age without anyone else.

This measure of procuring has made his way of life inspiring and worth-living and lavish.