Why was Wilson Gachanja, the former Land Commissioner, arrested by the EACC? Purchase of a Beach Plot

For what reason was Wilson Gachanja, the previous Land Commissioner, captured by the EACC? Acquisition of a Beach Plot

The capture of Wilson Gachanja has made news in Kenya. He is blamed for being engaged with the unapproved obtaining of public land.


Wilson was captured by the EACC on June 20, 2022. General society has responded irately to the previous government official.

With him were Zablon Mabeya, a previous Senior Lands official, and Jabu Salim Mohamed, a previous Physical Planner.

The three lawbreakers are by and by being held at the EACC Integrity Center Police Station and will show up in court not long from now.

Wilson Gachanja, the previous Land Commissioner, was captured by the EACC. What wrongdoing did he perpetrate? Wilson Gachanja, a previous Commissioner of Lands, was captured in Kwale Country by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.

He and two others were detained for aiding the illegal capture of public land. On June 21, 2022, they are set to show up under the steady gaze of Mombasa County court.

Wilson is blamed for grabbing an ocean side plot for Sh30 million ($255k) in Kwale County.

Individuals are expecting that the tests will set off a chain of occasions that will permit them to recover public land from extra government authorities. In 2020/21, the EACC, the counter debasement guard dog, recuperated resources worth Sh6.3 billion.

Wilson Gachanja’s total assets is obscure. Wilson Gachanja has amassed a fortune of millions of dollars as an administration official. Albeit this is astounding, most of his wealth seems to have been procured through unlawful means.

On the web, no definite appraisals concerning his fortune have surfaced. His total assets has been assessed to be more than $4 million by specific web distributions.

Wilson has a long history of double dealing and deceitfulness. His name has showed up in various obscure land moves. He was assigned as an individual of premium in various examinations by the EACC in 2010.

He acquired responsibility for public land and offered it to a confidential company, as per a 2016 Business Daily Africa story. More than 300 land obtaining cases were connected to Gachanja.

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Wilson Gachanja’s Wife And Children’s Information Wilson Gachanja and Elizabeth Gitiri were hitched. He as of late moved to Laikipia County. In 2000, the couple and their families were accused of cutthroat homicide.

Elizabeth and her kin, Francis Karioko and Rose Muruatetu, were seen as liable, however Gachanja was delivered. Equity Mbogholi Msagha condemned each of the three to death subsequent to demonstrating their contribution in the wrongdoing.

We searched the web for data on his ebb and flow spouse and family however came up with nothing. In the wake of losing his significant other in the mid 2000s, he might not have hitched.

Wilson was not dynamic via virtual entertainment destinations like Instagram or Facebook. The thought land extortion case is the subject of discussion on Twitter at the present time. “Gachanja should implore constantly for triumph in August 2022,” one individual said.