Why were Natalia Grace’s adoptive parents charged and where are they now?

A previous Indiana couple, Michael and Kristine Barnett, guarantee they took on a Ukrainian young lady named Natalia Elegance when she was around six years of age in 2010. The now-separated from couple say they saw warnings about Natalia’s age and identity following the hurried reception. They additionally assert that Natalia attempted to kill them over and over.

In 2012, The Barnetts effectively requested of to have Natalia’s time of birth changed from 2003 to 1989, and after a year, they abandoned her in a condo and left the country. In September 2019, Michael and Kristine Barnett were accused of different counts of forsaking their girl.


Reports express that Michael was found ‘not blameworthy’ in that frame of mind in October 2022 and recently in Spring, Kristine was likewise absolved of all charges. The last option is at present living in Florida.

ID’s five-section docuseries, The Inquisitive Instance of Natalia Beauty, will additionally investigate the body of evidence against Natalia’s previous new parents and their ongoing whereabouts. The most recent series debuts in a three-day occasion which debuted before on Monday, May 29, 2023.

The Barnetts were charged of youngster disregard for leaving Natalia Effortlessness and were as of late cleared
In 2012, two years in the wake of embracing Natalia Beauty, the Barnetts were effective in their allure for the court to have the birth year of their embraced little girl changed from 2003 to 1989. Her age was then different from eight to 22 years of age.

The next year, Michael and Kristine Barnett abandoned Natalia in a Lafayette, Indiana loft, and moved to Canada with their three natural children. They professed to have paid a year’s lease on the property for her to live there. The move apparently occurred as the most established Barnett kid – – viewed as exceptionally wise – – could start his alumni work.

In September 2019, after six years, the previous couple was accused of numerous counts of disregard of a reliant, disregard of a reliant causing substantial injury, and trick to commit disregard of a ward.

Michael was found not blameworthy in October 2022 and the charges against Kristine were additionally dropped in Spring this year.

Natalia Effortlessness, a vagrant from Ukraine, presently accepted to be 33 years of age, keeps on declaring that she was a kid when she was purportedly deserted by the Barnetts, her previous supportive family who guaranteed that she compromised them, attempted to truly hurt them over and over, and have blamed her for endeavored murder.

Answering the Barnetts’ charges that she was a grown-up, Natalia, who showed up on Dr. Phil in 2019, guaranteed that the Barnetts’ charges are not generally obvious and that she has consistently “simply believed individuals should hear [her] side.”

As indicated by reports, she told the show’s host, Dr. Phil, that she at first accepted she saw as the “right” family after her reception. She has consistently denied claims by the Barnetts that she attempted to damage or kill them and had even answered Kristine’s allegations that she attempted to splash dye into her receptive mother’s espresso while they were cleaning together trying to harm her.

The Barnett family embraced Natalia in 2010, accepting she was only six years of age. Presently, her birthdate is true answered to be September 4, 1989, and not 2003. After the Barnetts deserted her, another Indiana couple, Cynthia and Anton Monitors, took her in and made her a piece of their loved ones.